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by gigi on May 5, 2011

Another guest review from Cat! I had actually heard about Faubourg a few weeks ago from another reader, Wesley. He recommended that I try their pastries but I wasn’t aware that there was afternoon tea as well. I’m trying to start going to afternoon tea a little more regularly so perhaps I will include Faubourg on my circuit.


Last Friday afternoon, my friends and I went to Faubourg in Kerrisdale for afternoon tea.  Once I stepped into Faubourg, I noticed its elegant decor and the long line up behind the counter.

For the afternoon tea menu, there were 2 choices to choose from: the pink afternoon tea and the purple afternoon tea.

Having not eaten much for lunch, I decided to opt for the pink afternoon tea while both of my friends chose the purple afternoon tea option.

For the pink afternoon tea ($25.50), it was supposed to include 3 types of sandwiches: salmon, chicken and beef.  Because we were there at 4pm, the server said we could only have chicken and beef sandwiches.  So I ended up having 2 chicken sandwiches and a beef sandwich. The chicken sandwiches (with apple and country ranch dressing) were, in my view, a bit bland.  Similarly, I thought the beef sandwiches did not really meet my expectations.


The purple afternoon tea also came with a scone and a variety of pastries.  The scone was ok and the pastries included: the Fruit Souffle, Mini Lemon Tart, Mini Opera, Chocolate Mousse and a Parfait.  Of the pastries, I highly recommended the black currant souffle.  It was very flavourful and the souffle wasn’t too soggy.  That was definitely the highlight of the afternoon tea experience.


Overall, I thought the experience was mediocre.

2156 W 41st Avenue, Vancouver
Tel: 604-266-2156

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $$

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