Singapore: Tekka Centre

by gigi on April 4, 2011

On our last day in Singapore, Jenkins and I decided to eat close to our hotel, which was located in the Little India neighbourhood of the city. Tekka Centre was located about a 5 minute walk away from our hotel so we decided to go there. One interesting thing about Tekka Mall is that it’s predominantly Indian and so most of the hawker stalls also reflect that. I decided there was no better place to try out some Indian food so it was just a matter of figuring out which one to try.

Tekka Centre

I decided to follow the lines and ended up at Madina Muslim food, whose most popular item seemed to be the briyanis. I decided to order a chicken briyani for Jenkins and me to share. The stall vendor heaped a generous helping of rice and a couple of pieces of chicken onto a fresh banana leaf for me, piled on some pickled cucumbers and I was good to go. The rice was actually very flavourful with some hints of turmeric and cumin. Although the chicken was also spiced with similar flavours, I found it to be quite dry. I was able to salvage it somewhat by dipping it in the accompanying curry sauce but I think the dryness was also partially due to the fact that the chicken was pre-made and was mostly breast meat.

chicken briyani

Jenkins decided to have some mee goreng, which he ordered spicy. We really enjoyed the mee goreng, which was indeed very spicy. :) We juiced some kalamansi limes over the noodles, which heightened the tanginess that was already present from the chilli sauce. The noodles retained some chew, which contrasted nicely with the fresh bean sprouts. There were only a few prawns in this but quite a few shrimp patties which contributed to the meat portion of the dish. :)

mee goreng

Although smaller in size than some of the other hawker centres we visited, Jenkins and I quite enjoyed Tekka Mall. There is definitely a large diversity of cuisines in this hawker centre, ranging from Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, and Western. We also liked how there were many drink stalls scattered throughout the centre, so many that it took us a while to walk through all of them and figure out what we wanted to drink. :)

Corner of Timah Road & Serangoon Road, Singapore

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