Review: Sushi King House (Kerrisdale)

by gigi on March 28, 2011

Shortly after Jenkins and I came back from our Asia trip, we were a bit reluctant to go to a Japanese restaurant too soon after our return. However, we were forced to take the punch finally when we were walking around in Kerrisdale late one afternoon looking for a super late lunch. For some reason, there weren’t a lot of places open so we had to settle for checking out the Sushi King House. I used to venture such joints quite a bit during my university days but have to say that I haven’t been to a place like Sushi King in quite a while.

Sushi King

Jenkins and I both decided to order the salmon and tuna don. The first thing we noticed that the rice wasn’t very good. It lacked vinegar and seemed to be overcooked. The bits of seaweed and sesame seeds attempted to hide this but it wasn’t enough to salvage the rice. The salmon was ok and as you can see, quite generously cut. The tuna was kind of bland but I was glad that at least it was defrosted properly.

Sushi King House

Just for kicks, we decided to also order some California Rolls to share. As expected, the rolls were quite big and since we weren’t that hungry when we sat down, we really didn’t need to order these in addition to our dons. Similar to the tuna and salmon don, the rice used in the California rolls weren’t the best and there wasn’t anything that really stood out for the rolls overall other than the fact that it was large.

Sushi King House

As expected, the food at Sushi King really wasn’t the best but I don’t think you’re necessarily looking for quality so much as quantity in such a place. I do have to say that our server (who also seemed to be the owner) was super friendly and attentive. He regularly came by to top up our teas and also ensured our table was cleared quickly as we finished our dishes.

5333 West Boulevard, Vancouver
Tel: 604-264-7555

Food: [rating:2]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $

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