Review: Delta Airlines

by gigi on January 24, 2011

Jenkins and I knew when we were booking our flights for our Asia vacation that it would be difficult to find cheap flights due to the fact that our vacation was coinciding with the busy Christmas season. We were able to find some reasonably priced tickets that matched our itinerary via Delta Airlines but since neither of us had flown with them before, we weren’t very sure what to expect. Our nervousness ended up being misplaced as our experience with Delta exceeded our expectations. :)

During our flight to Tokyo, our first meal was “breakfast” and I decided to go for the beef and rice option. The beef was slightly overcooked but had a nice pepper sauce and the accompany veggies were a bit pasty looking. However, the meal as a whole wasn’t too bad. I enjoyed the shrimp cocktail appetizer, which was quite fresh (bottom left).

Delta Airlines

Our next long haul meal was from Tokyo to Singapore and again, we had a pretty decent meal. I decided to have the pork with rice and it can be described as being made in a loose Japanese style. :) The Japanese rice was actually cooked pretty well and the pork was not as dry as my beef on the earlier flight.

Delta Airlines

On our return flight back to Vancouver, we were served nasi lemak as the main course in one of our meals. The chicken had a satay-like seasoning on it and the peanuts accompanying the rice were well roasted.

Delta Airlines

We were also given snacks throughout our meal, including an ice cream sandwich on one flight – definitely a nice treat.

Delta Airlines

Flying with Delta Airlines was a pretty good experience. I’ve had some pretty horrid encounters with airline food before so it was nice to actually have a decent meal on Delta rather than going on an empty stomach for a 9+ hour long-haul flight.

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