A Ho Yummy Christmas in Asia!

by gigi on December 15, 2010

Jenkins and I are off to Asia for Christmas this year. We are super excited about our trip and are looking forward to sharing our eating adventures with you when we come back! I’m also going to be trying my hand at real time blogging using a WordPress iPhone app while I’m in Asia but I’m not too sure how much luck I’ll have with that.

Our itinerary includes stops in Tokyo, Singapore, Malaysia, and Cambodia. To prepare for this trip, I’ve been consulting various people and blogs to help decide on where to eat :) Here is a picture from one of my favourite blogs, which also happens to be a terrific resource on places to eat in Asia:

Source: Eating Asia food blog

I have some posts queued up while I’m away but it will be quite light. Keith has also generously offered to monitor Ho Yummy for any comments so he’ll be approving those for me while I’m away (Thanks Keith!) Have a Merry Christmas and talk to you all in the New Year! :)

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