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by gigi on October 31, 2010

Before we went to Seattle, I did a little research to determine which places to visit. Part of the reason for our trip was to celebrate Jenkins and my anniversary so instead of going all out on a super nice place, I wanted to go to several smaller and cheaper places so I could draw the celebration out. :) I saw that Le Pichet was rated really highly on Yelp, the prices were reasonable, and it was quite close to our hotel so I decided that we should give it a try. I probably should have made reservations since it appeared to be quite busy but we were lucky enough to grab the last two spots at the bar.

Le Pichet

After Jenkins and I put in our orders, we were presented with a small dish of mixed olives. The olives were soaked in oil and had just the right amount of saltiness to them.

Le Pichet

I also enjoyed munching on my olives with the complimentary French bread. It had a crusty exterior and a fairly chewy interior, which I really liked.

Le Pichet

For our first course, Jenkins and I decided to share a small plate of charcuterie. I really enjoyed the pâté albigeois, which was country-style pork paté (far right below).  It was just fatty enough and was seasoned just right. The saucisse au jambon was a large sausage of smoked ham, forecemeat, and herbs. I could really taste the herbs in this. The saucisse lyonnais was Lyon-style sausage with pork and pistachios. The combo of the pork and pistachios was actually quite nice. We enjoyed munching on this with some gherkins, mustard, and French bread. At $7, this was a fantastic deal, especially when compared to Vancouver prices.

Le Pichet

When I saw that there was steak frites on the daily special menu, I knew that’s what I wanted to eat that night. Funnily enough, I had a craving for steak frites even before I walked in so I was quite happy to see that it was available. I asked for my steak to be rare and it was tender and flavourful and went great with the crimini mushroom sauce that it came with. There was a bit of tendon in some of my pieces of steak that I had to cut off but overall, I found it to be very well made and tasty. I also loved the fries that came with my steak. They were double fried, crispy, and had just the right amount of salt. Jenkins didn’t think they were as good as I thought they were but I think this ranks amongst one of the  best fries I’ve ever had.

Le Pichet

Jenkins chose the truite poêlée sur salade de tomates, buerre noisette au gingembre (Idaho Trout, pan roasted on a salad of tomatoes, fresh cheese, and pistachios with orange-ginger brown butter). He’s been on a roll lately in terms of ordering great dishes and this time was no different. The ginger brown butter gave the trout a hint of Asian flavour and the pistachios added a nice slight crunch. Jenkins noted that the trout was perfectly cooked and was the second best trout he has ever tasted (the first being when we ate it in Peru). As you may have noticed, Jenkins rarely raves about his food so when he noted that he was very impressed with his trout, I was in turn, also impressed. :)

Le Pichet

At this point, both Jenkins and I were stuffed so we probably should have stopped eating. However, I was so happy with everything that I had eaten so far at Le Pichet that I felt that I would be doing myself a disservice if I walked away without eating dessert! Le Pichet seems to have a daily rotating dessert menu and our server told us that the chocolate tarte was excellent. I’m always up for chocolate so Jenkins and I ordered it to share. I was kind of expecting a typical chocolate ganache tarte but Le Pichet put a different spin on it by making the curst crumbly and flaky rather than a typical shortbread-type crust. I really enjoyed it with the velvety smooth chocolate ganache which was highlighted by the delicious salted caramel sauce. The creme fraiche cut the sweetness a bit. Overall, this was an excellent chocolate tarte.

Le Pichet

Needless to say, Jenkins and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Le Pichet. Not only were all the dishes very well made, the prices were all quite reasonable as well. We each ordered a glass of wine and our total before tip came out to $68 USD. Perhaps because we were at the bar, we had excellent service because there was always someone around to top up our water and clear our dishes. The next time I come back to Seattle, Le Pichet will definitely be on our list of places to revisit!

1933 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA
Tel: 206-256-1499

Food: [rating:5]
Service: [rating:4]
Price: $$

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