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by gigi on October 3, 2010

Jenkins and I were driving down Hastings Street on a mission one afternoon. After having been on my list of places to check out, I was determined to finally pay a visit to Le Do for some Vietnamese food. After hearing about it from quite a few people, I really wanted to give it a try. It was a pretty small space inside but even though it was during the busy lunch hour, we were able to snag a table towards the back.

Le Do

We decided to order one dish each and also a sandwich to share. My choice was my go-to item in many Vietnamese restaurants, which was the pho with mixed beef parts. Since I was also planning to share a sandwich, the small bowl was more than enough for me. The broth was clear and had a lot of great flavour to it so I didn’t feel the need to add too many additional sauces to my soup base. There was also a good variety of beef parts with my noodles and I liked how the beef tendon was cooked through without being overly stiff or soft. The noodles were also slightly chewy, which I liked.

Le Do

Jenkins decided to try something new and had a vermicelli bowl with pork brochette. The pork brochette were actually more like pork sausages and appeared to be grilled. He gave me a little sampling and I really liked the firmness of the brochette and it had a great flavour to it. It was the perfect complement to the vermicelli and the crunchy pickled vegetables.

Le Do

Although our dishes had all been quite good up to this point, I was disappointed with our spicy chicken sub. The shredded chicken was quite bland and not spicy at all. In addition, the meat was quite dry and could not be saved even with the ample sauce that it came with. The bread was also denser than what I usually like, but this can be chalked up to personal preference.

Le Do

Banh mi notwithstanding, Jenkins and I still enjoyed our meal at Le Do. I liked how many of the dishes allowed you to choose the size you wanted so you could order a smaller size and perhaps sample more items if you prefer. Of all the items we sampled, I definitely liked the pork brochette the best and would be back just to eat that dish again.

2292 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-253-3508

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $

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