Review: Taiyo Sushi

by gigi on July 27, 2010

Jenkins and I were wandering the streets of Commercial one weekend afternoon when we realized it was time for lunch. We weren’t really sure what we wanted to eat that day and after passing a bunch of potential locations that required a line-up, we finally ended up at Taiyo Sushi, more because we’d be seated right away rather than anything else.

Taiyo Sushi

Both Jenkins and I weren’t feeling particularly adventurous that day and we were also rushing somewhere else afterwards. As a result, we both decided to order sushi boxes…not very original, I know! First came the miso soup. It was pretty standard. It was raining the day we were there so it helped to warm us up a bit.

Taiyo Sushi

I ordered the beef teriyaki lunch box, which came with beef teriyaki on rice, tempura, green salad, and California rolls. The beef teriyaki was a bit on the dry side but did not have too much teriyaki sauce, which I appreciated. The tempura was slightly over-battered but fairly regular tasting. The same went for the California rolls and the green salad; all fairly standard and predictable.

Taiyo Sushi

Jenkins had the same thing as me but with chicken teriyaki instead. The chicken was actually nicely fried and had a modest amount of teriyaki sauce on top. Jenkins noted that the chicken was juicier than it looked but overall, his sushi box was also quite standard.

Taiyo Sushi

I went to Taiyo Sushi with modest expectations but it looked like they produced some pretty predictable and standard fare. I didn’t try some of their other items rather than the fairly generic sushi boxes so it’s a bit difficult for me to judge them on their menu as a whole. I do have to note that the service was super friendly and very attentive. Our server did a great job of checking on us and ensuring that our tea was regularly topped up, which was a nice bonus. :)

1179 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Tel: 604-251-1788

Food: [rating:2.5]
Service: [rating:4]
Price: $

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