Vancouver Foodie Tour, Part 1

by gigi on July 6, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, Michelle Ng, founder of Foodie Tour, invited me attend the Granville Foodie Tour. I had heard about food tours in other cities so I thought it was a great idea that something similar had finally started up in Vancouver. From what I understand, Michelle started the Foodie Tour a little while back but I was attending a media launch that she had organized. Foodie Tour currently has organized restaurant tours that concentrate on Granville Street downtown, Downtown in general, and Richmond. Originally, I was under the impression that we were going to four or five restaurants during the two hour duration of the tour. So I was pretty surprised when I arrived at our first destination and found out we were actually going to seven locations!

Our first stop and initial meeting location was at Twisted Fork on Granville Street. Twisted Fork was actually on my list of places I wanted to check out because Sherman had recommended it to me a while back. We were served a couple of items on toast. First was a cured duck breast on brioche crouton. The duck went quite well with the sweet jam (I think blueberry?) and the green bean on top provided a nice crunch. The other appie I sampled was a roasted beet, grilled pear, goat cheese, and arugula on a baguette crouton. I This was a classic combination of ingredients and the slight sweetness from the pear and beet went nicely with the creamy tartness of the goat cheese.

Twisted Fork

Our dessert tasting was a frozen chocolate terrine with house-made raspberry sorbet and fresh wild mint. The dessert sampling was just enough to leave me wanting more…I should have grabbed a second sample! :) The chocolate flavour was very rich and the raspberry cut the richness of the terrine. I would be a happy camper if I had a full-sized version of this dessert.

Twisted Fork

I was too engrossed in the tasty treats to hear what this drink was, but it tasted like a strawberry mojito. In any case, it was quite a refreshing drink on a sunny day.

Twisted Fork

We were rushed out of Twisted Fork after what seemed like only a short period of time and walked briskly to our next stop, The Refinery.

The Refinery

We were treated to a combo meal made by the staff at The Refinery and Sip Resto Lounge, which was located downstairs from The Refinery. Our drink here was The Refinery’s twist on ginger beer, which was made with their house-made bitters. It was full of great ginger flavour, which really gave this drink a nice kick.

The Refinery

To go with our drink, we were served Sip Resto’s take on eggs benny, the Southwest Kickass Benny.  A deep-fried poached egg was perched on top of cornbread with chorizo, jalapenos, and a drizzling of BBQ sauce and hollandaise. The poached egg was crispy on the outside and softly poached on the inside and the chorizo and jalapeno gave the eggs benny a nice kick. This turned out to be one of my favourite dishes of the tour and my only complaint was that the cornbread was too crumbly. Sherman noted that this may have gone better with a brioche, which I think may have worked.

Sip Resto Lounge

Our next stop was at The Edge Social Grille, a place I didn’t even know existed. One thing I liked about the Foodie Tour was that it exposed me to a bunch of new restaurants, some I had never heard of and others that I had wanted to try for quite a while.


We had quite a selection of treats at The Edge. I sampled a couple of flat breads, one with beef tenderloin and blue cheese and another with smoked salmon and goat cheese. I preferred the beef tenderloin version more but both were tasty. The bread was still crispy and the blue cheese actually enhanced the flavour of the beef. The grilled vegetable gazpacho was pretty run of the mill but was a nice refreshing soup for a sunny day. My favourite item at The Edge was definitely the Chocolate and Van Gogh Espresso Vodka Truffles though. The truffles were quite soft and had a lot of great chocolate flavour to it. I couldn’t totally taste the vodka but I still really enjoyed the flavour and consistency of the truffles.

The Edge

Along with all these treats, we were served some white sangria. This was another delicious and refreshing drink for a sunny day and I liked how they loaded the sangria with a lot of fruit.

The Edge

Our next stop was the Granville Room.

Granville Room

First, we were served a glass of their Mr. Pink, which was vodka with muddled watermelon, mint syrup, and lime juice. This was one of my favourite drinks on the tour and definitely a great drink to have while hanging out on a patio on a sunny day.

Granville Room

We were also served some sesame crusted tuna with some salsa on top of some multi-grain crisps. I’m not sure if these had been prepared quite a bit in advanced but the crisps were soggy by the time we arrived. The sesame also didn’t appear to be toasted, which made these nibbles a bit lacklustre.

Granville Room

By this point, I was starting to get full so I was quite glad we were walking from location to location, which gave us a slight opportunity to walk off all the food we were eating. With three more locations to go, I was suddenly starting to wonder if I would even have an appetite for dinner later that evening…

I should note before I sign off in today’s post that attending this event gave me a great opportunity to meet a bunch of really cool people, from writers for the West Ender and Georgia Straight to other bloggers, including Mijune and Karra!

…to be continued in my next post!


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