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by gigi on June 30, 2010

Way back in April, I went for dinner during Dine Out with my and Nav’s families. It was a couple of months before Nav and Grick’s wedding at that time so there were a few wedding day logistics we had to discuss. My mom suggested going to Atithi Indian Cuisine on Burrard. She had gone there a few times before and really enjoyed it, noting that it was actually run by one of the original owners of Maurya.


When my mom first told me we were going to Atithi, I didn’t know it was on the Dine Out circuit. However, when we arrived, we found out it actually fell under the $18 for three courses category. Since the Dine Out menu turned out to be what I wanted to order, I decided order just that.

First, several of us ordered some mango lassis. It was quite thick and full of mango flavour. I wish my glass was a bit bigger but other than that, I have no complaints. :)


For those of us who ordered off the Dine Out menu, we were served some appetizers for our first course. They were all served together so we all ended up nibbling on them. The mini veggie samosas were pretty standard tasting but they were served fresh and had a nice crispy exterior.

Atithi - Samosas

The pakoras were also served fresh and hot. The batter was quite light and the veggies were seasoned well. There was quite a bit even though only three of us had ordered the Dine Out menu so there was more than enough for us all to share.

Atithi - Pakoras

We also ordered some additional appetizers to share. The Chili Gobi was deep-fried cauliflower in a sweet and slightly spicy, soya garlic sauce. The cauliflower seemed to be lightly battered so it had a crispy exterior that went really well with the sweet, spicy, and salty sauce. The addition of the soy sauce gave it the slightest hint of a Chinese-flavour.

Atithi - Chilli Gobi

We were all quite intrigued by the Frankie Roll, which was advertised by the menu as being a egg roll stuffed with your choice of chicken or lamb. We ordered one of each so we could try both but I think I liked the chicken more. For some reason, I couldn’t taste very much of the lamb flavour. The Frankie Rolls tasted almost like mini pitas to me and were stuffed with meat and veggies. I found them to be a bit dry but this was solved by dipping it in some of the tamarind sauce that accompanied them.

Atithi - Frankie Roll

For my main course, I chose the curried mussels, which also happened to be one of the daily specials. The broth was very flavorful and had a strong curry taste but was still light enough so that it did not overpower the mussels. I had a great time dipping naan in my broth after I was finished with my mussels.


Jenkins did not have the Dine Out menu and ordered the Butter Chicken. Although it was breast meat, the chicken was very tender and absorbed all the great butter chicken sauce and flavour. I’m not sure if this was actually the case, but it also did not seem to have too much cream, which I appreciated. The only odd thing Jenkins and I noted was the strawberry garnish, which didn’t seem to go, yet at the same time, the sweetness of the strawberries kind of worked with the savoury butter chicken.

Atithi - Butter Chicken

For dessert, we had a pudding-like dish that Nav told me was made with ricotta cheese or something similar. She told me what it was called as well but I can’t remember now. :) It was slightly creamy but not too sweet and was flavoured with rose water. At first, I was a bit disappointed that the dessert wasn’t rice pudding but I ended up enjoying this one as well.


I thought the dishes at Atithi were a great value and very tasty at the same time. I also noted that Atithi has a lunch buffet for $8.95, which sounds like a really good deal. I wouldn’t mind going back to try their other dishes since all the ones we tried were so tasty. Service was also very prompt and friendly.

2445 Burrard Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-731-0221

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:3.5]
Price: $$

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