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by gigi on June 21, 2010

Jenkins and I went out with his family one day to Stella’s on Cambie. When I tried to call and make reservations, I was told that they were not accepted. Luckily for us, when we arrived at about 7PM, there was only a short wait before we were seated. Previous to this visit, I had only been to the Stella’s on Commercial and since I had been told by quite a few people that the one on Cambie, I was quite eager to try this place out.

Stella's on Cambie

After we settled into our seats, our server helped us select a few beers depending on what we were in the mood for. I’m not a huge beer connoisseur so I found the large menu of beer options fairly overwhelming but since there five of us, we ended up ordering a selection of beers and had a good sampling of everything.

Stella's on Cambie

I was in the mood for mussels so I ordered one pound of the Stella mussels, which mussels steamed with Stella Artois, cilantro, and lime butter. The mussels themselves were fairly fresh but I wish the flavour from the Stella Artois and the lime butter was stronger.


I ordered some bread to go with my mussels and despite the broth not really permeating my mussels, the bread actually did a great job of soaking up the broth, which also had a great mussel flavour to it.

Stella's on Cambie - Bread

Jenkins also decided to go with mussels and he chose the Madrid mussels, which had chorizo sausage, plum tomatoes, white wine, and serrano chilis. I felt that the flavour in this version went with the mussels more than my choice. There was a hint of spiciness and the chorizo added a nice hint of fatty, sausage goodness.

Stella's on Cambie

Jenkins chose to order fries with his mussels, which came with a side of lime mayo. The fries were nicely done with a nice crispy exterior and the mayo added a nice hint of creamy citrus flavour to the fries.

Stella's on Cambie

For dessert, we all decided to share a few items. We were all quite full at that point so none of us could actually finish an entire dessert by ourselves. First up was the mascarpone and bourbon cheesecake, which was made with a dolce de lecce and pecan topping with a shortbread crust. It was a little on the sweet side but not too sweet, which was surprising given the dolce de lecce topping. The cheesecake was light but very creamy. I enjoyed this dessert quite a bit but it was definitely too rich for me to finish on my own.

Stella's on Cambie

I really liked the dark chocolate marquis, but that’s probably because I’m a big chocolate dessert person. It was almost like a chocolate ganache cake with pistachios, an Oreo cookie crust, and some raspberry coulis. The tangy raspberry coulis cut through the richness of the chocolate cake. If you are a chocolate fan, this would be a good dessert for you.

Stella's on Cambie

We were originally going to stop at two desserts but when we were told that the panna cotta of the day was a peach panna cotta, we buckled and decided to order one more dessert. On paper, the panna cotta sounded better than it actually was and the peaches themselves tasted like canned peaches. I also found the panna cotta to be a bit on the watery side but that may just be due to my personal preference.

Stella's on Cambie

Stella’s is a great place to grab a bite to eat and head somewhere else or just to plain eat and catch up over a meal. There is quite a variety of dishes there and I like how they have a wide variety of options for their mussels. I’d still prefer for them to take reservations but I’ll just have to time my visits so I don’t have to wait (too) long. :)

3305 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-874-6900

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $$

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