Portland: McMenamins Market Street Pub

by gigi on June 10, 2010

While shopping in the Nordstrom Rack in Portland, I happened to run into Marlene. Lucky for me, she comes to Portland quite frequently and she recommended that Jenkins and I check out McMenamins Market Pub. I had mentioned that I was starting to get a bit tired of eating out so much and was looking for some place cheap and tasty and Marlene said McMenamins would be a good place to check out. She said it was near the university district so the prices were reasonable and it was a place that she visited each time she was in Portland. It sounded good to me so Jenkins and I headed over there for dinner.

McMenamins Market Street Pub

It was about half fun when we arrived so we had no problems finding a table. We started by ordering a couple of beers while we perused the menu.


I was in the mood for a burger so I ordered the mushroom and cheese burger. Jenkins noted that I basically ordered the McMenamins version of the Monty Mushroom burger at White Spot. :) For about $8, the price was quite reasonable and I substituted the fries for some salad in an attempt to be healthy. The toppings were fresh but I found the patty itself to be slightly overcooked. Overall, the burger was ok but nothing spectacular.


Jenkins ordered the Tequila Chicken sandwich which had come quite highly recommended by Marlene. It came with some slices of avocado and cheese and a creamy tequila sauce. I didn’t have a chance to try the sandwich but Jenkins said the chicken was very flavourful and tasty. I had a feeling that his choice worked out better than mine did. :)


Overall, I would say that McMenamins offers pretty standard pub food at reasonable prices. Even though I wasn’t totally wowed by it, I think it’s a good alternative if you’re just looking for something simple and aren’t looking to spend too much. Service is also very friendly and prompt.


Food: [rating:2.5] (based on my burger mostly since I didn’t try Jenkins’)
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $$

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