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by gigi on May 2, 2010

A while back, we went to Chambar to celebrate Jenkins’ dad’s birthday. Even though I’ve been to Chambar several times, James brought to my attention that I had never reviewed Chambar. I suppose in a way, it’s one of my stand bys, so I just naturally assumed that I must have reviewed it before. It was quite dark in the restaurant, as it often is, and I didn’t have my regular camera with me that day so please pardon the dark and somewhat grainy pictures. :)

We decided to start off with a variety of Belgium beers as that is one of the things that Chambar is well known for.

Chambar - Belgian Beer

One of my favourite dishes at Chambar is the mussels and since it had been a long time since I ate mussels of any kind, I knew exactly what I was going to order. I chose the Congolaise Moules Frites, which were mussels with a spicy tomato coconut cream base with smoked chilis, limes, and cilantro. I liked the smoky spiciness the chilis add to the broth; it complemented the mussels without overwhelming its flavour. Jenkins felt that the cilantro taste was was too strong but I didn’t mind it.

Chambar - Moules Frites

Along with the moules frites came the frites. :) The fries at Chambar are always made very well. They are very crispy and I really like the pieces that are slightly overfried because I like the almost burnt and crunch pieces. Along with the fries come a mustard mayo dip that I’ve often tried to replicate at home with limited success.

Chambar - Fries

For dessert, we shared a few items. First was a Pot de Creme au Chocolat, which was a milk chocolate lavender pot de creme with ganache-filled biscuits. The pot de creme was smooth with a great milky chocolate flavour with just the slightest hint of lavendar. The biscuits were buttery and crumbly and made a nice match for the pot de creme.

Chambar - Pot de Creme

Next was the Le Bavarois Sale, which was a salted hazelnut praline bavarois with caramel, sour apple, fig compote, and Calvados ice cream. The bavarois itself was not overly sweet and the sprinkling of sea salt on top really brought out the delicious flavour of the bavarois. The apple and fig compote added a nice chunkiness to the smooth bavarois and the whole thing was topped off with the delicious Calvados ice cream. I would have liked to taste more of the Calvados flavour and it seemed to be a bit melted but it still went very well with the dish overall.

Chambar - Le Bavarois Sale

Yet another enjoyable experience at Chambar. I like how it’s one of those places you can go to and always expect great service and delicious food. They do a fairly good job of keeping the classics on the menu but also introducing new dishes that pique your interest. As usual, it gets very busy so reservations are recommended.

562 Beatty Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-879-7119

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:3.5]
Price: $$

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