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by gigi on March 22, 2010

Back when the Olympics were on, Jenkins and I found ourselves in Granville Island checking out the pavilions and general festivities. Since it was around noon, we decided to grab a quick bite to eat before joining the crowds lining up for various things. We had eaten a late breakfast so we figured we would share something small and then have a snack later in the afternoon. I felt that this provided the perfect opportunity to finally try out Go Fish.

Go Fish - Granville Island

It was raining quite heavily that day and even so, all the tables were occupied. I had a feeling that this was because the awning only covered about 50% of the tables and chairs though and no one wanted to eat their fish and chips with the rain pouring down on them. :) Luckily for Jenkins and me, a table opened up just before our order was ready.

After perusing the list of available items, Jenkins and I decided to share 1 piece of cod with chips. Oddly enough, when we received our order, we were presented with three albeit small pieces of cod instead of the one promised by the menu. Hey, I’m not complaining. :) The batter on the cod was light and very crispy, which I enjoyed quite a bit. There was a lack of seasoning on the fish itself but since I enjoy dunking my fish in copious amounts of tartar sauce, it did not bother me too much. The tarter sauce tasted great though and that was all I was concerned with. If you are the type of person who does not use a lot of tartar sauce and like your fish to be more seasoned, this may not be your cup of tea.

Go Fish - Fish and Chips

Despite my liberal use of the tartar sauce, there was still enough left over for me to also use to dunk my fries in. I really enjoyed the fries that came with my fish; they were crispy and cooked just past brown, which I really like. I found that they tasted pretty good even when eaten plain and the light dusting of salt was tasty enough to not warrant very much ketchup. The coleslaw had a slightly Asian twist, with some sesame oil and seeds, which I quite enjoyed. There was only a slight amount of dressing, which I appreciated.

Go Fish - Fish and Chips

At $7.50 for our little dish of fish and chips, I wouldn’t say that Go Fish is cheap, but I felt the price was ok for the quality of food that I got. Fish and chips are always a treat for me because I don’t eat it very much due to its unhealthy factor but this was one time I was glad I indulged. It’ll probably be a while before I eat fish and chips again but when I do, I will probably pay a visit to Go Fish.

1505 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver
Tel: 604-730-5040

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: n/a
Price: $

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