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by gigi on March 17, 2010

I first found out about Bonchaz when I was on someone’s Twitter that they were opening up on West Hastings near Homer in Vancouver. I was told that Bonchaz was basically a brioche shop and since I am a huge brioche fan, I knew I had to check it out. I later found out that Bonchaz is the name of the milk buns and although they were kind of similar to brioche, they weren’t really the same thing.

To further incent me to pay Bonchaz a visit, I was told that they were giving out free samples on their grand opening day. I was sold so after Jason and I finished our lunch at Benkei Ramen, we wandered over to Bonchaz to give their bonchaz a try.


When we arrived at the modest little shop, we could smell the delicious bonchazes as soon as we stepped inside. Since the original flavour had just come out of the oven, the friendly server presented us each with a full sized bonchaz along with a cup of French press coffee. The bonchaz itself was quite hot and the crispy and slightly sweet crust gave way to a buttery yet airy inside. I would say that a brioche tastes a bit denser than a bonchaz and they are both good in their own way. Bonchaz’s unique selling proposition is definitely the fact that the bonchaz come fresh out of the oven piping hot. I mean, how can that not taste good? :) The coffee served as a perfect accompaniment to the bonchaz.


Laureen told me later that day that she tried the banana walnut and that it was definitely worth a try. Although I still haven’t tried it, I will need to pay another visit soon to try it out.

426 West Hastings Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-626-7215

Food: [rating:4]
Service: n/a
Price: $

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