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by gigi on March 10, 2010

Right before the Olympics started, Jenkins and I were wandering around downtown one day after lunch. We were just about to head back to our respective offices when I realized that we were very close to Big City Cupcakes’ downtown location. I had been meaning to try Big City Cupcakes for quite some time but due to its slightly out of the way location downtown, it was never convenient for me to go.

Big City Cupcakes

Once we were inside, we were greeted with a wide array of cupcakes. I was really glad that I did not eat too much for lunch and I quickly decided that Jenkins and I should each have a cupcake rather than share one selection. :) Jenkins balked at this a bit but I assured him that if he had trouble eating his cupcake, I would gladly help!

I asked the lady behind the counter what she would recommend. She gave me a few choices but the one that really caught my eye was the strawberry cheesecake. This cupcake was made with a vanilla strawberry batter and had a little chunk of cheesecake in the middle. On top was a demure amount of cheesecake frosting, one of my favourite types of frosting. The cheesecake was not overly sweet and the frosting had a nice, slight tang to it. The cheesecake filling in the middle added a nice creaminess to the cupcake and was a nice little surprise. The strawberry flavour was quite weak and it could have been enhanced some more, but other than that, I had no complaints.

Big City Cupcakes - Strawberry Cheesecake

Jenkins had the Chocolate Mounds cupcake, which was a chocolate cupcake with ganache in the centre and was topped with a coconut butter cream with coconut and more ganache. I would say that his choice was more traditional than mine and he enjoyed his selection more than my strawberry cheesecake version. He was generous enough to let me have a bite and the chocolate flavour was very rich without being too sweet. The frosting was also just enough to complement the flavour of the cupcake itself and did not have the cloying sweetness that plagues some cupcakes.

Big City Cupcakes - Chocolate Mounds

I quite enjoyed the two cupcakes we had from Big City Cupcakes. I am not a fan of the cupcakes made by Cupcakes (the company :p) and I think the ones from Big City  Cupcakes are much better. The flavours at Big City Cupcakes are more original and the amount of frosting they use is not as excessive. That being said, I know Cupcakes has its own dedicated fan base, so if you are into a lot of frosting on your cupcakes, Big City may not be for you. The cupcakes at Big City are quite expensive though, the filled cupcakes are $4.15 and the non-filled versions are $3.10. I’m not convinced that this is the best value, but since it will prevent me from coming here too often, it’s probably best for my waistline. :)

1015 Howe Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-683-6603

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: n/a
Price: $

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