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by gigi on March 8, 2010

Jenkins and I used to be frequent visitors to Ogenki Sushi. We really enjoyed their cheap and tasty rolls and we always happened to be in the neighborhood. We noticed that they renovated sometime during the winter and since it had been quite some time since our last visit, we decided to see if anything had changed other than the restaurant interior.

Ogenki Sushi

Jenkins and I always resort to ordering the roll combos at Ogenki. Partly because they are great value and partly because we’ve tried most of their other things on their menu but find that rolls really are their forte. The first roll combo we ordered came with tuna sushi, California roll, and a yam roll. The tuna roll was pretty good but Jenkins and I both felt that the California roll had a little too much mayo and the yam tempura was over-fried and over-battered.

Roll Combo - Ogenki Sushi

The next combo had a half house roll, BBQ salmon roll, and another tuna roll. The house roll was alright and had the usual offering of tamago, salmon, crab meat, and cucumber. I actually liked that it was not as big as some of the house rolls offered at other restaurants but felt that there was a little too much rice. I thought the BBQ salmon roll would be made with raw salmon but it turned out to be something akin to canned salmon and mayo with some BBQ sauce drizzled on top. Needless to say, I did not enjoy this roll at all: there was too much mayo and putting canned salmon (or something like it) in a sushi roll just does not seem right to me.

Roll Combo - Ogenki Sushi

Jenkins and I were a bit disappointed with our re-visit to Ogenki Sushi. It seemed like the owners and staff had all changed and even though they were friendly, it was not enough to make up for the not-so-good sushi rolls.

4342 Main Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-875-9975

Food: [rating:2]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $

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