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by gigi on January 21, 2010

It had been quite a while since I last met up with Miguel. We were always busy and since we were trying to coordinate a lunch or dinner with several other people at the same time, it was difficult to find a time that worked for all of us. Finally, we found a brunch time that worked for us and Miguel suggested going to Cucumber Cafe in Richmond.

I decided to start with some tea since it was a cold and rainy morning. The receptacle that my tea came in was pretty interesting: when you place the orange container holding the tea on the cup, it pushes up on the bottom of the receptacle and the tea flows out from the bottom directly into the cup. I thought it was pretty cool until I had a bit of an equipment malfunction and tea started pouring all over the table. Miguel blames it on user error but I’m still not convinced it was my fault. :)


Jenkins and I decided to order two separate dishes and split them so we could try more of the menu. I decided to go with the shredded chicken club, which came with bacon, lettuce, and a spicy mayo. The sandwich was really hard to eat because the chicken kept on falling out every time I picked up my sandwich. Also, the bread was soggy, which did not add to my overall enjoyment. I actually felt the best part of this dish was the side salad, which was dressed in an Asian-style dressing and had nuts, feta cheese, and cranberries.


Jenkins decided to have the sunrise panini. Similar to my gripe about the chicken sandwich, the panini bread was soggy when it arrived, likely due to water from the tomatoes. The egg was a bit overcooked and both Jenkins and I felt that there was too much cheese, making the panini too heavy.


I was a bit disappointed with my brunch at Cucumber Cafe although it was nice to catch up with Miguel and some others that I hadn’t seen in a while. It did seem fairly busy when we left the restaurant though so perhaps we either ordered the wrong items or it was a bad day. In any case, it may be a while before I venture here again.

10211 St. Edwards Drive, Richmond
Tel: 604-276-2853

Food: [rating:1.5]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $$

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