Review: Brunch At The Cannery Seafood House

by gigi on January 13, 2010

For the holiday season, my parents decided to treat our family to brunch at the Cannery. Since the Cannery will be closing at the end of March due to increased security restrictions at the Port of Vancouver, we figured we should pay at least one more visit before this Vancouver institution closes its doors.

Getting to the Cannery is always an adventure in and of itself because you need to buzz in at the Port of Vancouver’s security check point before you can turn onto the road that leads to the restaurant. To refresh myself each time before I go, I always check the directions on the Cannery website to ensure I don’t run into trouble. :)

I decided to start with an Orange Pekoe tea while Jenkins chose an orange juice. He remarked that the orange juice was very concentrated so he ended up cutting his orange juice with some water.


To start, I convinced Grick and Nav to split the oyster motoyaki with me. This worked perfectly because there were three pieces so we each got one. The oyster motoyaki was actually a recipe from Karen Barnaby of the Fish House. Each oyster was baked with a wasabi mayonnaise and dressed with black sesame seeds and pickled ginger. I really enjoyed my plump and sweet oyster that contrasted with the heated kick of the wasabi mayo. The pickled ginger added an extra dimension of sweetness and spiciness. If only oyster motoyakis at all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants tasted like this, I would order it all the time. :)


My dad decided to order a couple of the Cannery’s seafood platters for us all to share. Each platter came with fresh oysters, tiger prawns, scallops, candied salmons, small crab claws, and small shrimp. Although the platters were tasty and the seafood quite fresh, we felt it was a bit overpriced at $37 for each of the platters you see below. The candied salmon was the only unique item in the platter but I also enjoyed the sundried tomato oil.


Jenkins and I decided to split two plates again in order to diversify our brunch options. I chose the smoked black cod hash, which also came with some multigrain toast. The smoked black cod was cut into tiny pieces so we thought they had forgotten the cod when the dish was first served. :) The cod was smoked nicely and along with the Hollandaise sauce, this was definitely a very rich dish. Along with the smoky flavour of the cod, the has was also slightly sweet from the addition of caramelized onions.


Jenkins decided to have the lobster benedict, which was one of the most popular brunch items on the Cannery menu. Fresh Atlantic lobster meat was sauteed with fresh mushrooms, leeks, and brandy and was served on a freshly baked English muffin along with the usual eggs benny fare of poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. The combination of the lobster, Hollandaise, and eggs were indeed quite tasty but I felt this dish came up short because the English muffin was way too cakey for my taste. I enjoy my English muffins to be light and crispy and because this English muffin was the opposite of all those things, I did not enjoy this dish at all.


Grick decided to go with his Cannery favourite of the Salmon Wellington. This was quite an indulgent option for brunch but I must say that it was quite tasty. The salmon was baked with mushrooms and shrimp in a puff pastry and topped with a delicious Pinot Noir sauce. This dish was quite rich and filling and is probably something I would order for dinner rather than for brunch. I felt that the Pinot Noir sauce really made this dish stand out as its sweet tanginess gave the salmon a great flavour.


Although the food at our Cannery brunch was very enjoyable for the most part, we all felt that it was overpriced. The Cannery is a unique Vancouver establishment with great views and fresh seafood but even that was not enough to justify its high prices. That being said, I will definitely miss the Cannery when it closes and will need to stock up on their lobster oil before they close their doors.

2205 Commissioner Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-254-9606

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:3.5]
Price: $$$

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