Whistler: Fairmont Mallard Lounge

by gigi on January 7, 2010

What bachelorette party would not be complete without a stop for afternoon tea? As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a big fan of afternoon tea and luckily for me, so were my fellow bachelorette partiers. I did some research on what type of tea options were available in Whistler and the place of choice for most seemed to be the Mallard Lounge at the Fairmont Hotel.

The Mallard Lounge has quite an extensive selection of teas to choose from. There were quite a few blends that I had never tried before and after checking with the others to ensure we had a good selection of teas, I decided on the ice wine tea. The ice wine tea was a black tea with a slightly sweet grape flavour, which was pretty interesting. One of my friends had the maple tea, which was a bit too sweet but the ice wine had a good amount of sweetness for me and did not require any additional sugar.


Before our tower of afternoon tea treats were brought out, we were presented with a small bowl of fresh berries. The fruits were sweet enough that they did not need any additional marination although some people remarked it would have been nice if they were lightly dressed.


Finally, our tower of tea treats were brought out. We were instructed to start with the top layer and work our way downwards.


The scones were actually one of my favourite tea items that day. They were quite large and had a sugary crispy outside which gave way to a flaky, warm inside. The scones went very well with the strawberry compote and Devonshire cream. I had a great time slathering copious amounts of Devonshire cream and strawberries to my scone. :)


The finger sandwiches all sounded very tasty in the menu, but we all agreed that they sounded and looked much better than they tasted. The smoked salmon and dill cream cheese pinwheel was probably the best of the bunch but not very original. The other sandwiches, especially the cucumber watercress sandwich and the roasted red pepper sandwich was a bit tasteless in my opinion.


After the disappointing sandwich layer, I hoped that the tea treats could be redeemed by the sweet bottom layer. Both the chocolate éclairs and chocolate dipped strawberries were well done and a nice, sweet way to end our meal. Surprisingly, the dipped strawberry was sweet enough to stand up to the chocolate.  I enjoyed the lemon curd in the mini tarts although I felt that the pastry crust fell apart too easily in my fingers. What can I say, I’m a bit picky when it comes to lemon desserts. :)


For the most part, we all quite enjoyed our afternoon tea with the exception of the sandwiches. As can be expected at any Fairmont establishment, the service was attentive and prompt. At $20 for afternoon tea, it is also a few dollars cheaper than most tea places in the Lower Mainland.

4599 Chateau Boulevard, Whistler, BC
Tel: 604-938-8000
Available daily from 12-2pm

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:4]
Price: $$

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