Bubble World Stamp Cards Discontinued

by samantha on December 17, 2009

gigi’s note: thanks Samantha for your update about the Bubble World stamp cards. I stopped collecting stamps from there quite a while ago when I stopped going there on a regular basis. Still, it’s too bad that these will no longer be available at BW!

I went to my favourite local Bubble World on Granville Street in Marpole last night to find that the chain is no longer issuing stamps or stamp cards. This rewards program was very popular with me and my siblings, and we were always motivated to fill up our stamp cards where a purchase of 10 drinks led to a free one.

There is currently a grace period until March 2010 whereby the number of stamps you have on your card will result in discounts as follows:

1-3 stamps = $1.00 off your drink
4-6 stamps = $2.00 off your drink
7-9 stamps = $3.00 off your drink
10 stamps = $3.75 off your drink (as usual).

I was very disappointed to see that the program has been discontinued as I love the Pearl Milk Tea at Bubble World! I believe it was a couple of years ago when the prices were raised, and compared to other popular Bubble Tea cafes, Bubble World is actually a bit more expensive. I suppose they made a decision to phase the cards out, rather than pass on another cost increase. Unfortunately, I believe that their most loyal customers are the ones who will be impacted the most.

What do you think? Will Bubble World experience a drop in customers as a result of this change? Will bubble drinkers choose to visit Competitors who are cheaper and continue to offer stamp card rewards?

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