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December 2009

Review: Glowbal

by gigi on December 23, 2009

For Jenkins’ mom’s birthday, we decided to go to Glowbal. I had never been there before and it was one of the few places that could accommodate our group on short notice. Even though it was a weeknight, it was quite busy so it was good we had made reservations in advance. Shortly after we […]


Review: La Grotta Del Formaggio

by gigi on December 21, 2009

Jenkins and I were shopping on Commercial Drive one day and decided to stop in at La Grotto Del Formaggio for lunch. I had heard about how tasty the sandwiches were there and had wanted to give it a try for quite a while. La Grotto Del Formaggio is actually a small Italian grocery store […]


Bubble World Stamp Cards Discontinued

by samantha on December 17, 2009

gigi’s note: thanks Samantha for your update about the Bubble World stamp cards. I stopped collecting stamps from there quite a while ago when I stopped going there on a regular basis. Still, it’s too bad that these will no longer be available at BW! ———————————————————— I went to my favourite local Bubble World on […]


Review: Belgian Fries

by gigi on December 14, 2009

Jenkins and I were shopping on Commercial Drive the other day and since it was mid-afternoon, I was hankering for a snack. Since Jenkins was hungry as well, I figured it would be a good opportunity for us to split something at Belgian Fries since I find a full order of fries to be a […]


Puerto Maldonado, Peru: Dinner in the Amazon

by gigi on December 13, 2009

Jenkins and my first dinner on the Amazonian leg of our trip came after our boat ride to look for alligators that lived near our eco-lodge. After such an exciting experience, we were definitely hungry and ready to eat something tasty! You’ll notice that must of my pictures are quite dim as there were hardly […]

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Jenkins and my first stop on our Peru trip was at the Corto Maldes eco lodge in the Peruvian Amazon. I really enjoyed this leg of our trip and I think it was a great first stop to get us immersed in Peru. One good thing from a food perspective was that all the food […]