Review: Yamato Sushi

by gigi on November 17, 2009

Jenkins and my search for cheap but good sushi eats has been well documented on this blog. :) One day, we were walking around on Davie Street in downtown looking for a new place to try out. We had noticed on several occasions that Yamato Sushi was bustling with a steady stream of customers. However, we were never sure if it was good because of the sign outside promoting their 18-piece sushi specials for $5.95. Sure, their sushi was cheap, but was it also tasty? We finally decided to wander in and see for ourselves.

Jenkins and I decided to order a few things to share. First came the miso soup and green salad for our bento box…pretty standard tasting items.


The bento box itself was pretty unadventurous but a pretty good value at $6.45. The chicken teriyaki was juicy but I felt it had a little too much sauce on it. The tempura was lightly battered and quite tasty. The gyoza on the menu was not advertised as being deep fried so we were a bit surprised when it arrived at our table. It was pretty crispy and tasty but I still prefer regular pan-fried gyoza.


The Stanley Park roll was one of the famous rolls on the menu and was made with avocado, yam, and cucumber with unagi on top. The roll was quite large and the flavours all blended together nicely. At $7.45, we felt this was quite a good price for a fancier roll. The still-crispy yam tempura went nicely with the unagi and creamy avocado.


I ordered the Davie Street Roll, thinking it would be like the Salifornia Roll at Sushiyama. This roll was deep fried, similar to the Salifornia Roll, and we weren’t too sure what the filling was but we decided to order it anyway. The roll was drizzled in some spicy mayo and we originally thought the filling was spicy chicken, but we later determined that it was actually slightly overcooked spicy tuna. :) Of the dishes that we ordered this time around, I would say this was the only miss.


Despite the somewhat sketchy Davie Street roll, Jenkins and I both quite enjoyed our meal at Yamato Sushi. We’ve been back several times since our original outing, as the prices are quite reasonable, especially for downtown, and we like their selection of famous rolls. The restaurant is quite small so they do fill up quickly, especially during weekend dinner times. When we are too lazy to wait, we get take-out instead and eat it at home. :)

616 Davie Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-682-5494

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $$

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