Review: Creme de La Creme

by pick on November 16, 2009

The other week, I was invited by Spark PR to attend the Creme de la Creme media launch at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver. The launch was at the Four Season’s, Yew Restaurant (which was previously reviewed by Gigi), with food from both Yew and Ganache Patisserie (also previously reviewed by Gigi, many many times). Although I wish I could say I was at the event because I was getting married, I (along with my friend Vivian, a budding pastry chef) was really there for the free food.

We started out the evening with some Feng Shui Cocktails. I’m usually more interested in having a glass of wine, but these cocktails were a delicious blend of what I think was lychee and grapefruit, with a very absent taste of alcohol.

Feng Shui Cocktails - Yew Mixologist

Next, Vivian and I grabbed some appetizers to go with our cocktail. We had the Peking duck and spring onion pancake and the lobster roll with sweet chilli cilantro sauce. Both made for delicious finger food. I’m usually not very big on duck, but I actually really liked the Peking duck and spring onion pancake roll.

Catering by Yew Restaurant 3

Unfortunately, the photos I have are all courtesy of Spark PR’s, and their camera broke partway through the event, so I don’t have photos of all the food. Some of the other plates we did get to try from Yew though, included the miso broiled soy cod, lobster mac and cheese (Vivian’s favorite), and the steak sandwich, just to name a few. From Ganache, we had an assortment of macaroons, a panna cotta with berry compote, and a dark chocolate praline bar. Although we didn’t get a picture of everything named, we did manage to get a picture of the mini fondant wedding cakes done by Ganache. The cakes were beautiful individually decorated, double tiered cakes.

Ganache Individual Cakes

791 W. Georgia Street, Vancouver (Four Seasons Hotel)
Tel: 604-692-4939

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