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by gigi on November 5, 2009

It took a while for me to get back into blogging but Jenkins and I are back from Peru! We had a fantastic time and I diligently took pictures of everything we ate so that I can share our culinary adventures with you. :) But first, I have a few more posts from before our trip to to blog about…


Jenkins and I met up with Mildred and Stuart one sunny weekend for some brunch at Nu. It had been quite a while since I last went to Nu and although I remember not being too impressed with my dinner at that time, I was open to giving their brunch a try.


After we placed our orders, our server brought out a small dish with some jam, ketchup, and grapes. I felt that since there were four of us, they could have brought out more grapes but then again, since they were complimentary, I probably shouldn’t complain too much. :p


I was feeling quite hungry that morning so I decided to order the corned beef and sausage hash ($15.90). It seemed like a hearty choice and came with a poached egg, cabbage, onions, and spinach. The poached egg was drizzled with some hollandaise sauce but I felt the hash was a bit on the dry side and could have used some more sauce. It was also a bit smaller than I expected although it was quite tasty overall.


Jenkins decided to go with a traditional Eggs Benedict. It was pretty regular tasting although Jenkins noted that he would have liked for the back bacon to be sliced thicker.


Mildred and Stuart noted that the last time they were at Nu, they were given complimentary hot chocolate and scones to start their meal. When we asked the server about this, she noted that she was going to bring it at the end of our meal instead of the beginning. We weren’t sure if she had forgotten or if there was another reason for this since Mildred noted they usually received the scones and hot chocolate at the beginning of their meal. :) In any case, I actually felt that the scone and hot chocolate was the highlight of our brunch. The scone was perfectly baked, with its sugary & crispy outside giving way to a buttery inside. The hot chocolate was topped with a homemade marshmallow fluff, which gave it just the right amount of creaminess.


Although the food at Nu was not bad, I don’t think it was good enough to justify the higher than normal brunch prices. However, I suppose if you take into account the great view of Granville Island from Nu’s location, that somehow offsets the higher prices. :)

1661 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-646-4668

Food: [rating:2.5]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $$

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