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November 2009

Review: LAN Airlines

by gigi on November 24, 2009

When Jenkins and I booked our flights to Peru, we quickly realized that there was no direct flight to Peru from Vancouver. We flew to LA and from there, hopped onto a LAN Airlines flight to Lima in Peru. We had never heard of LAN Airlines before our trip but it is a part of […]


Review: Long’s Noodle House

by gigi on November 19, 2009

Jenkins and I were in the Main Street area and were looking for a quick bite to eat. It was around 2 in the afternoon so we were hoping that Au Petit Cafe would not be too busy and we could lunch on some Vietnamese subs. Even though we considered it to be pretty late […]


Review: Yamato Sushi

by gigi on November 17, 2009

Jenkins and my search for cheap but good sushi eats has been well documented on this blog. One day, we were walking around on Davie Street in downtown looking for a new place to try out. We had noticed on several occasions that Yamato Sushi was bustling with a steady stream of customers. However, we […]


Review: Creme de La Creme

by pick on November 16, 2009

The other week, I was invited by Spark PR to attend the Creme de la Creme media launch at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver. The launch was at the Four Season’s, Yew Restaurant (which was previously reviewed by Gigi), with food from both Yew and Ganache Patisserie (also previously reviewed by Gigi, many many times). […]


Review: Qoola at Aberdeen

by gigi on November 16, 2009

Ever since Qoola opened, I had heard quite a lot of good things about it. I wasn’t sure if this was just because they had made a big marketing push and reached out to a lot of bloggers and such so it was never too high on my list. However, I was talking to Juanita […]


Review: Ganache Patisserie

by gigi on November 9, 2009

I know I’ve done multiple reviews of Ganache but what I can I say? They are my go-to place for delicious desserts. There really is no point in extolling the virtues of Ganache since I’ve already done that but let me share with you what tasty goodies Jenkins and I had to celebrate our anniversary. […]