Review: Top Table Progressive Dinner Part 2 – West

by gigi on September 22, 2009

Part 1 at Blue Water Cafe

After our thoroughly delicious appetizers at Blue Water Cafe, Pick and I drove over to West on Granville & 13th. I’ve been wanting to go to West for who knows how long so I was thrilled at the chance to finally go and to taste a special menu to boot! Similar to Blue Water Cafe, the hostess and our server were expecting us and we were quickly seated at a nice table by the window. Even though it was a Thursday night, the restaurant was quite busy.


Shortly after we were seated, we were presented with some bread along with some organic olive oil and a knob of sea salt butter. I was a bit wary about eating yet more bread but Pick convinced me to by telling me how tasty the multi-grain buns were. The butter was good, but nowhere near the tastiness of the seaweed butter at Blue Water Cafe. I mostly stuck to the olive oil, which was very fragrant and full of fruity flavour. [Pick’s notes: I like to judge a restaurant by 3 standards: 1) the cleanliness of the washroom, 2) the desserts, and 3) the bread. 3 was definitely a winner at both West and Blue Water Cafe (1 also, but I can’t comment on 2 since we went to CinCin’s).]


Our server asked us if we had any preferences for our main courses. Both Pick and I were pretty flexible so just told them to bring anything they thought we’d like. After we settled on who would have fish and who would have meat, our server brought us an amuse bouche. I don’t recall what this was called but it was a creamy and slightly tangy pudding-like top with a creamy salmon pate on the bottom. I wasn’t quite sold on the tanginess of this amuse bouche but it was different from anything I had tried before. [Pick’s notes: I’m pretty sure it was a panna cotta of sorts, which was new to me, as this was the first non-dessert panna cotta I’ve ever tried. My bouche was definitely amused.]


My first dish was a dungeness crab tortellini with a lettuce and apple salad. The tortellini was also topped with some crab foam. The tortellini itself was very al dente and had a very firm outer layer. The bubbly light foam contrasted nicely with the tortellini and the crab filling. Both Pick and I remarked that the crab filling seemed a bit overcooked though, making the crab more chewy than we would have liked. The tangy applies also provided a nice contrast to the savoury tortellini. [Pick’s notes: Agreed with Gigi on her comments. I couldn’t really tell if the texture and chewiness was on purpose, as some people might have preferred it more like this.]


Pick’s dish was a seared ahi tuna with chanterelles. The flavours for this dish were very simple and tasty. The ahi tuna was seared perfectly and nothing beats fresh chanterelles! [Pick’s notes: Simplicity at its best!]


My next dish was halibut with an herb crust on top of a bed of spinach, potatoes, mussels, and risotto. The halibut was moist and very fresh and flaked off easily with my fork. The herb crust provided a slight crunch and went very well with the halibut. The potatoes, mussels, and risotto were very rich and creamy, which was an interesting contrast to the simple freshness of the halibut. [Pick’s notes: I enjoyed this, but I enjoyed my entree more. :)]


Pick had the lamb sirloin, which came on top of an eggplant and black garlic cannelloni. It was dressed with goats cheese and figs. The lamb was cooked a perfect medium rare and was very juicy and moist. The cannelloni was my favourite part of this dish and the creamy, garlicky eggplant went very well with the lamb and the sweet figs. [Pick’s notes: Everything was perfect about this dish! The cannelloni was a nice addition to the dish and the figs provided a sweet refreshing new dimension to the course.]


At this point, our West portion of our meal was coming to an end. We still had one more restaurant to visit but we were both starting to get full! So far, all the dishes that we had were excellent and service was top notch. West definitely lived up to my expectations…I will need to take Jenkins here one day. :)

Stay tuned for the final part in this series, dessert at CinCin’s!

2881 Granville Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-738-8938

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:4]
Price: n/a

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