What are your top 5 restaurant recommendations?

by gigi on September 16, 2009

I recently received the following email from Andrea:

I was just wondering, what would your top 5 restaurants you’d dine in if you had visitors coming in from out of town? Either the most unique or staple restaurants.

Here were my recommendations to her:
1. Dim Sum – Sun Sui Wah (Main St or Richmond)
2. Japanese Izakaya – Hapa Izakaya
3. Fancy French – Le Crocodile (this is my favourite restaurant but probably not “typical” of Vancouver-style cuisine. :p If you are looking for another good French bistro, I would also suggest Cru, Pied a Terre, or Les Faux Bourgeois)
4. West Coast – Yew at Four Seasons (If you go in September, the Passport menu is featuring Italy!)
5. Brunch – Cafe Medina (or if you’d prefer dinner, try Chambar next door. Make sure you have a Belgian waffle though b/c they are fantastic!)

As you can see, my answer was a bit convoluted…there are so many restaurants worth trying in Vancouver that it is hard to narrow it down to just 5!

What would your top 5 restaurant recommendations be? Hopefully, there will be some in this list that will help Andrea in entertaining her guests. :)

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