Review: Brunch at Zen Cafe

by gigi on September 14, 2009

One sunny weekend after slogging through the Grouse Grind, Jenkins and I met up with John and Victoria at Zen Cafe for brunch. I had heard a lot about the great brunch at Zen, especially its Eggs Benedict. Since Eggs Benny are arguably one of my favourite things to eat for brunch, I had been wanting to try Zen Cafe for quite a while. Zen Cafe does not seem to take reservations, so luckily for us, John got there a little bit early and started lining up. The turnover seems to be quite quick at Zen Cafe though so even though the line seemed quite long, it moved along quite steadily.


Once we were seated, I started perusing the menu. I was surprised and pleased to see that there was an extensive selection of Eggs Benny. Even better, Zen Cafe had the option of mixing and matching Eggs Benny and they would just take an average of the prices.

I decided to have the classic Benny and the mushroom and bacon Benny. It was a good thing that I was quite hungry that day because the serving size was quite large. The hollandaise sauce was very creamy and rich, yet I felt that it went great with the Eggs Benny choices that I picked. It really highlighted the eggs and the toppings that I chose. The classic version was quite tasty but I really enjoyed the crunch of the bacon version and the mushrooms really helped to finish off the overall experience.


Jenkins decided to go for a ham and tomato omelette. It was made with 3 eggs so it was quite a large size. To top it all off, the omelette also came with fried potatoes and a couple of slices of toast. Taste-wise, Jenkins noted that there was nothing special about his omelette but it was quite well done.


John went for the super carb brunch by choosing the French toast and pancakes. Similar to our orders, this dish was very large and was more than enough to feed a hungry person. The pancakes looked very fluffy and John said both the pancakes and French toast were very tasty.


Brunch at Cafe Zen was quite an enjoyable experience. I’d definitely go back again so I can try the other things on their menu. Service was a bit absentminded and rushed but I felt that the food was good enough for me to overlook this. :)

1631 Yew Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-731-4018
Open daily from 7AM to 4PM

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:2]
Price: $$

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