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by gigi on September 7, 2009

It was my mom’s birthday back in July and after some scrambling to figure out where we should go to celebrate, we finally decided on Yew Restaurant, which opened in December 2007 after an extensive remodel in the Four Seasons Hotel. Tricia had gone to Yew earlier in June and tried their ‘No Passport Required’ menu, which was a great deal at $35 for a 3-course meal featuring a different country/region each month. Most of Yew’s main course offerings are about $25-35 so $35 for 3 courses was quite a deal.


Shortly after we were seated, our server came to tell us about the day’s specials as well as the Passport menu. He pointed out to us how the special menu was a great deal value-wise and also told us that since we were dining on a Sunday, bottles of wine were 50% off. That was enough to motivate us to order a bottle of Rosé wine to share.


After we placed our orders, we were presented with some baskets of warm bread.


I chose to go with the Passport menu and for my first course, I had the mushroom tart with tarragon goat cheese. The mushrooms were mixed in caramelized onions and had a great woody and buttery flavour that was cut by the delicious goat cheese. The tart was also served immediately so that buttery puff pastry was still flaky and crispy.


Jenkins also chose the Passport menu but decided to go with the roasted beet salad for his first course. This came tossed in a light vinaigrette that highlighted the beets nicely.


For my main course, I paid an extra $10 and ordered the steak frites. The steak was cooked bone-in, but was served with the bone removed, which I thought was a nice touch. As you can see in the picture below, it was a huge steak (I don’t remember how many ounces) and it was a wonder that I was able to finish it. My steak was cooked to a perfect rare and was one of the juiciest and moistest steaks I had eaten in a very long time. The large disk of tarragon butter was a nice add but since the steak was so tasty on its own, I did not need any of the butter. The fries were also very tasty, likely fried twice, and had a crispy outside that made me very unwilling to share my fries even though there was no way I could have finished the large bowl by myself. :)


Jenkins went with one of the no-extra cost items from the Passport menu and chose the Marseilles bouillabaisse. The soup base was a bit different from the usual saffron base but had a nice and refreshing flavour to it. The seafood was all cooked perfectly and there was a lot of it too. :)


My brother decided to go with a non-Passport main course so he would have more to choose from for dessert. The seafood paella was mostly seafood with just a little bit of rice to fill in the gaps. :) The rice itself was slightly al dente and almost tasted like a risotto


Since most of us were going with the Passport menu, we had no choice over what we got for dessert. It was the height of strawberry season when we went to Yew so I was pretty sure our strawberry dessert would be quite tasty and I was not mistaken. Strawberry sorbet was layered with a base of meringue and an additional layer of whipped cream. This came on a bed of strawberry compote and a little bit of white chocolate custard. This is definitely a dessert for strawberry lovers.I found myself scraping the bottom of my plate to get every last bit of this dessert. :)


I had a great time at Yew and it was the perfect place to celebrate my mom’s birthday. The Passport menu is definitely a great deal, especially if you combine it with a Sunday visit so you can take advantage of the wine promotion. Our server was attentive and helpful without being overbearing and made sure my family had a wonderful evening. I would definitely go back the next time I have a special occasion to celebrate! September’s Passport menu features Italy and I’m sure that will be quite tasty. :)

791 W. Georgia Street, Vancouver (Four Seasons Hotel)
Tel: 604-692-4939

Food: [rating:5]
Service: [rating:4]
Price: $$$

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