Review: Afternoon Tea at Bacchus

by gigi on September 1, 2009

Victoria, Lucy, Samantha, and I met up one afternoon for some tea at the Bacchus Lounge in the Wedgewood Hotel. We had been meaning to go for afternoon tea for quite a while and there are quite a few places that offer this throughout Vancouver. Similar to most places, afternoon tea at Bacchus is available from 2:00-4:00. Although I love going for tea, I find that it always puts me in a difficult situation because I don’t know if I should eat an early lunch or a late dinner to make up for this filling meal in the middle of my afternoon. :)

The snacks during tea are pretty much set so all we had to pick was our choice of tea. I decided to go with the Thunderbolt Darjeeling. It had a strong flavour to it and I think it went particularly well with the sweeter desserts towards the end of our tea.


There was also a small dish of coloured sugar and cream that you could add to your tea if you so pleased.


When our tray of goodies arrived, our server advised us to start at the bottom and work our way upwards towards dessert. That sounded like as good of an idea as any and we quickly dug in after our server walked away. The finger sandwiches were all quite tasty but the cucumber and egg salad sandwiches (pictured below) were pretty regular tasting.


The shrimp salad sandwich was quite good (pictured in the background below) and I also enjoyed the chicken salad sandwich. As you can see, there was quite a bit of mayo but for some reason, it seemed to work with these sandwiches. I suspect the mayo was not too overwhelming because we only ate the equivalent of one quarter of a whole sandwich for each flavour.


The smoked salmon pinwheels were simply made with just a little bit of mayo and dill, which enhanced the smokey flavour of the salmon.


I had never tried bakewell tarts before, but they looked like little muffins with a jam filling inside. They turned out to be quite good and the almonds provided an extra crunch.


The fresh strawberry kiwi tarts were very tasty. The strawberries brought their own sweetness and the tart shell was buttery and crumbly.


None of us are big fans of fruitcake so we only nibbled on it a bit before leaving the majority of it on the plate. We were actually quite surprised to see fruitcake included in Bacchus’ afternoon tea offering because it doesn’t seem to be a popular item with most people. I had high hopes for the lemon cake and although it did not knock my socks off, I still enjoyed the light layers of lemony cake with white chocolate ganache. I think I would have enjoyed this even more if the cake had more lemon flavour but it was a bit overpowered by the white chocolate.


The fruit scone had a great crunchy and sugary crust to it that gave way to a flaky and buttery inside. I thoroughly enjoyed spreading a generous layer of Devonshire cream and jam on each bite of my scone. The chocolate eclairs were actually quite light and a nice way to finish up our afternoon tea.


The service during our tea was great and our friendly server made sure that our tea pots were regularly filled and also advised us on which goodies we should make sure to save room for. We all quite enjoyed our afternoon tea at Bacchus but still felt that the offering at Secret Garden in Kerrisdale still comes out on top. Afternoon tea at Bacchus is available on Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00 to 4:00 and is $29 per person.

845 Hornby Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-608-5319

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:4]
Price: $$$

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