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by gigi on August 6, 2009

It was my birthday recently and thus also the 2-year anniversary of Ho Yummy! Jenkins took me to db Bistro Moderne to celebrate and along with us also came Samantha and George. I had wanted to go to db Bistro for quite a while and since we went a little earlier at 6pm, we were able to score an extra 1000 points from :)


After we settled on what to order, our server presented us with some amuse bouche in the form of mini cheese puffs. They had a great cheesy flavour and the crispy outside gave way to a soft airy inside.


We were also given some warm bread and a soft pat of salted butter. The bread went really well with the charcuterie that Samantha and George ordered.


For $23, I felt that the charcuterie plate was pretty comprehensive and was a good size. It also came with some mustard, relishes, and pickles which all paired really well with the cured meats. For this size and variety, this would also be a great main course.


I decided to go with the appetizer of the day, which was the Cop Chop Salad. It was the height of spot prawn season when we went to dinner so that was what reeled me in to choosing this salad. It also came with avocado, watermelon, and mushrooms which really made it easy for me to like this salad. Who knew all my favourite things together could make such a great salad? The spot prawns were grilled just enough to give the salad a tasty BBQ flavour.


Jenkins chose the Tarte Flambée, which was a thin flat bread with cheese, bacon, and onions. One of Jenkins’ favourite appetizer dishes is the Alsatian tarte which has the same ingredients so he wanted to see if this variation at db Bistro would hold up. The flavours all went together very well but because the crust/flat bread was so thin, it got soggy quite quickly.


For my main course, I chose another daily special, which was an Alsatian specialty. Choucroute is a traditional Alsace dish that makes several different items out of a suckling pig, including sausages, fried pork cutlet, pork chop, and pork belly. All these different pork dishes are then piled on top of a mound of sauerkraut and potatoes. There were definitely certain pork pieces I enjoyed more in this dish than others with my favourite being the tender, juicy pork chop and the fatty pork belly. :) The sauerkraut had a lot of flavour but because it was a bit on the pickly side for me, I made sure to combine it with bites of pork in between. This dish was much bigger than I anticipated, especially since I already had an appetizer.


Jenkins decided to have the coq au vin, which he proclaimed was one of the best coq au vin he had ever had. The menu called this Chicken Grand Mere, but to us, it was coq au vin. :) It also came with some spaetzle (at the top of the picture below), which Jenkins did not really know what to do with so he just sprinkled some over his chicken. The chicken itself was tender and full of flavour from the onions, mushrooms, and bacon. Similar to my choucroute, the dish was also quite large.


We were all pretty full at this point but I was determined to order dessert. I felt that getting something fruity would assist me in my digesting of dinner so I chose the passion fruit souffle. The souffle itself was light and airy and even without the aid of the passion fruit coulis, it already had a ton of flavour. Because the taste of passion fruit is so strong, I would not recommend this unless you are a fan of tangy desserts though. The coconut ice cream was a great complement to the souffle though and helped to mellow out the flavours.


Jenkins ordered the Chocolate Sundae for dessert and this was a great variation on a classic. Sandwiched between layers of chocolate mouse were hazelnut Rice Krispy bits and coffee ice cream. My passion fruit souffle was very good but this chocolate sundae was just decadent. I have to admit that I sampled more of this from Jenkins than he felt I should have! 😉


Jenkins and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal at db Bistro with Samantha and George. I wasn’t sure going in if the restaurant would live up to the hype but it met my expectations and I definitely look forward to going back and trying some menu items that piqued my interest. The service at db Bistro was very attentive and our server was very helpful without being overbearing, which I appreciated. :)

2551 West Broadway, Vancouver
Tel: 604-739-7115

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:4]
Price: $$$

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