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by gigi on July 21, 2009

Jenkins and I took Pick out for dinner one evening as a super belated present to thank him for designing our wedding invitations last year. Both PIck and I agreed quickly that the best place to have our dinner would be Les Faux Bourgeois. It was on both of our lists of places to go and I had been hearing nothing but great things from people who had gone there. Our dinner ended up being even more delayed as a result of our busy schedules but once we finally agreed on a date, I must say that both PIck and I were eagerly anticipating this dinner. :) Located right by Fraser and Kingsway, it looks fairly non-descript but the restaurant was packed despite it being a Tuesday night.


After we all settled on what to order, we were served some crusty French bread.


The three of us decided to share the Mt. Pleaseant Picnic, which is Les Faux Bourgeois’ charcuterie offering. None of the cured meat stood out as being especially unique but it was done quite well and we enjoyed pairing the different meats with the accompanying figs, cornichons, and mustard. Our server also regularly topped up our bread basket so we could eat our charcuterie with bread.


I decided to have the duck confit, which was reasonably priced at $15. The duck was crispy on the outside and super moist on the inside. The accompanying balsamic sauce cut through the richness of the duck and made for a very tasty combo. I thought this was quite well done and comparable to some of the duck confit I’ve had in France.


Pick settled on the lamb, which was cooked to a perfect medium rare. It was very tender and had great flavour to it without being too “lamby”.


Jenkins chose the fish of the day, which was salmon. Jenkins felt that the salmon was a bit overcooked but in our opinion, the real star of this was the mashed potatoes. They were very creamy with the lightest hint of garlic. I “helped” Jenkins by picking away away at it and because there was so much mashed potatoes, he generously gave me quite a bit to eat. :)


We were all full but I couldn’t leave without trying dessert. The desserts at Les Faux Bourgeois are made by Thomas Haas so I knew they should be good. :) Since there was a lemon tart option on the menu, that’s what I chose. The creamy lemon filling had just the right combination of tartness and sweetness. The shortbread crust was not bad but I felt it could have been thinner and more delicate.


Pick decided on the chocolate mousse so we could have more variety for dessert. :) The chocolate mousse was rich and creamy and full of chocolaty goodness. Although it looked a bit pale, the mousse still had a lot of chocolate flavour.


We all felt that our meal at Les Faux Bourgeois was quite enjoyable. The dishes were mostly done quite well (with the exception of the overcooked salmon) and almost all the menu items are dependable French classics. There wasn’t really anything unique to the dishes themselves but they were traditional French dishes prepared the proper way. Service was also quite prompt and dependable, despite the restaurant being full almost the entire time we were there.

663 East 15th Avenue, Vancouver
Tel: 604-873-9733

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:3.5]
Price: $$

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