Review: Sugarcane Vietnamese Cafe

by gigi on July 13, 2009

Andrea and I met up one day after work for dinner. She suggested going to Sugarcane Cafe in Kerrisdale because it was kind of in the middle for the both of us from where we were coming from. It opened fairly recently and Andrea told me it had quickly become a favourite of her family’s. Sugarcane Cafe serves Vietnamese fare but it is different from many other Vietnamese places in Vancouver in that it does not have very much pho options on its menu.


Since Andrea had been to Sugarcane Cafe quite a few times, I let her do the ordering. We decided to share a couple of dishes rather than order separately. First, Andrea ordered the chicken brochette platter with spring rolls, which were called Imperial Rolls at Sugarcane. The chicken brochettes were very juicy and had a ton of great lemongrass flavour. I also enjoyed the imperial roll quite a bit. I’m pretty picky about my Vietnamese spring rolls and I liked how there was just the right combo of meat and veggies and the skin was crispy but not oily.


I was a bit hungry that day so Andrea suggested the chicken and rice clay pot for our second dish. It was pretty hearty and would be a great and homey dish to eat especially during the winter. The chicken came with onions, bamboo shoots, and wood ear fungus, which made for a slightly crunchy and very tasty combo. It was also quite large and we had some rice leftover, which I took home for Jenkins to eat. :)


I went to Sugarcane Cafe expecting to order pho and went away with no pho but I was still very satisfied. The dishes are fairly priced and very generously sized. I suspect that there is some MSG used but not as much as many of the Vietnamese places I’ve been to. Sugarcane Cafe is a nice alternative if you’re in the mood for Vietnamese food that’s over and above the regular pho fare. :)

5633 West Boulevard, Vancouver
Tel: 604-261-9233

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:3.5]
Price: $

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