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by pick on June 25, 2009

CHOP, the high end restaurant owned by the same owner of Moxie’s, the Sandman Hotel, and a few other chains, recently opened up in Richmond by the Sandman Signature Hotel (formerly known as the Delta Hotel). My first impression stepping into CHOP was that this restaurant belonged downtown. It’s furnished with sculptures and designer light fixings, and looks very modern. To me, it would appear to be the classiest and nicest “breastraunt” out there (“breastraunt” is defined as a chain restaurant where servers and waitresses seem to be hired for “something else” that’s not related to superior customer service skills or knowledge in food and wine).

I’ve been to CHOP a number of times (as I work a good 5 minutes walk away from there) so I’m going to combine two of my food experiences at CHOP into one post.

On one visit, I was at CHOP strictly for dessert. They have an assortment of dessert, of which most I’ve tried already, but the only one I have photographed is their 24-layer chocolate cake served with a side of vanilla bean ice cream. This cake really is 24-layers and is topped with an edible blown sugar ornament on the top. The cake is a little bit too rich for my liking, but I can understand this is more of a “novel” menu item than something that’s expected to be the best cake in the world.

24-layer chocolate cake

On my other visit to CHOP was inspired by Rebecca Bollwitt of Miss604.com when she tweeted about and later briefly blogged about Best Patios in Vancouver. Needless to say, CHOP has quite the patio. Their patio involves lamp posts that second as fans over their stylish white leather seats.

CHOP patio

I was at CHOP this time around with my work neighbour Karen and we had walked over to CHOP during our lunch break for drinks and a snack. After our brisk walk, we decided to cool off with a couple drinks. I had the CHOP 178 Fizz, which was a mix of melon liqueur, Limoncello, sparkling wine, and a scoop of mango sorbet. The drink was refreshing and sweet, and the mango sorbet added a fun slushy dimension to my drink.

chop 178 fizz

Karen had the Tanq Toniq Iceberg, which was a regular Tanqueray gin tonic, with a scoop of lime sorbet. I had a sip of this too and found it equally refreshing as my drink. I liked this one a bit more than mine as it wasn’t as sweet.

tanq toniq iceberg

The two of us shared Steak Bites as our snack meal. These are one of my favorite orders at CHOP. They’re small tender bite sized steak cubes packed with plenty of flavor. Steak Bites are served with sweet dijon barbeque dip and a horesradish aioli sauce. The two sauces complement the steak very well; but alone, the steak is still phenomenal. I highly recommend ordering this dish.

steak bites

Overall, CHOP is a pretty solid restaurant to visit if you’re looking for somewhere to grab a quick bite or plan a party. They’ve got multiple private dining areas and can accommodate quite a few people. I also recommend trying their veal sandwich and some of their other desserts. There is a decent selection of foods to be tried at CHOP, and so far my visits to CHOP have been rather satisfying.

10251 St Edwards Dr, Richmond
Tel: 604-276-1180

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $$$

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