Review: Miku – Partie Deux

by pick on December 14, 2008

Pick went to Miku again and came away more impressed than his first visit.  Read more for his review!  I had some of the same dishes when I was there for the restaurant opening with Pick so I’ll give my comments rather than doing a whole separate entry.  :)


R and I gave Miku another try after unsuccessfully circling downtown a few times looking for parking at different restaurants. We’re glad we didn’t find parking anywhere else, as Miku turned out to be significantly better than the first time we tried.

When we arrived, the maitre ‘d recognized us from our last visit and quickly brought us to a table. She also brought the owner Seigo over to welcome us again. Seigo, who recognized us from our last visit, told us he was sorry for the slow service the first time we were there. He told us he would personally make sure our dinner was excellent. R and I were unsure of how he would do that, but before we knew it, he had gone to the washroom, changed out of his professional attire and re-emerged wearing a chef outfit and hat.

After ordering the omakase last time and being unsatisfied, R and I decided to be on the safe side and share some entrées and appetizers. First came the Aburi Chicken.

The chicken was grilled with some onions and lemon zest. It was served with a side of radish and cucumbers that were to be eaten with the chicken. The crunchy fresh flavors of the cucumber mixed with the chicken made a good combination.  [gigi’s note: I enjoyed the aburi chicken quite a bit too.  I have a feeling this would go really well with rice actually.]


Next came the Miku roll – the same rolls we had last time. They were served with slightly seared crab mayo on the top, crab meat, sea urchin, cucumber, and golden caviar inside. Definitely one of the best rolls in the city.  [gigi’s note: this is interesting, Pick.  When I tried it, I found it to be on the fishy side and wasn’t too impressed with it.  Now I wonder if maybe I just had a bad piece?  Perhaps it’s worth another try.]


Spicy beef udon pasta came next. The udon was served almost spaghetti style with spicy beef, olive oil, garlic, jalepeno and some mushrooms. Although the beef udon looked very plain, it was packed with flavor. One of my favorite dishes of the night.


Then came our Tsubaki sushi medley. The Tsubaki sushi medley consisted of five aburi sushi (slightly seared seafood over rice with unique sauces), four oshi sushi (layered press sushi presented in rectangles), two rose sushi (sushi that took on a “rose” shape), and two temari sushi (ball sushi). Although I am not a big fan of raw fish, every piece of sushi I tried from the sushi medley tasted excellent! There was a unique variety of seafood including scallop, salmon, albacore tuna, hamachi, and a piece of tamago (egg) in the middle. I joked with R saying that some of the sushi in the Tsubaki platter didn’t have duplicates; Seigo heard and hurriedly rushed back into the kitchen and brought us out some of the sushi that the medley only had one of. That’s what I call good service!  [gigi’s note: I enjoyed the aburi sushi at Miku immensely.  I’m glad you had such good service, Pick.  :)]


Finally, we ordered dessert. The Chocolate x Orange – a blend of tang and chocolate – a very unique combination.


And the Green Tea Tiramisu. I can’t say I was wild about either dessert, but they were not bad either.  [gigi’s note: I actually liked the green tea tiramisu quite a bit.  The green tea flavour is very light but the texture of the mousse was light and airy which I think went very well overall.]


When we finished our dinner, Seigo changed back to his regular business attire and asked us how our dinner was. It was probably one of my best Vancouver sushi experiences since Chopstick Café (Shirubay) in Yaletown closed down. I also had the opportunity to drop by Miku for lunch, and their Miku Zen lunch box is absolutely spectacular. I definitely recommend it.

2-1055 W. Hastings St, Vancouver
Tel: 604-568-3900

Service: [rating:5]
Food: [rating:4.5]
Price: $$$$

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