Review: The Big 8-0 at Fisherman’s Terrace

by gigi on August 11, 2008

It was my grandma’s big 80th birthday back in June and we celebrated it the way our family knows best: a big Chinese dinner at Fisherman’s Terrace in Aberdeen Centre.  :)  My aunt pre-ordered a banquet menu for us so all we needed to do was pretty much show up and chow down.

First came a mixed cold appetizer platter.  I found the duck (pictured below on the far left) to be on the oily side but the other items were quite tasty.  The roast pork skin was nice and crispy and I also enjoyed the jellyfish.


Next, we had a scallop dish with snow peas and some seaweed strips.  Although the seaweed was an interesting twist, it quickly got soggy from the juice created by the scallops and peas.


The deep-fried crab claws weren’t too bad but I felt that it was a bit over-fried because the skin was quite oily.  I dabbed some of the excess oil off with a paper napkin.  :)


The shark fin soup had chunks of crab in it as well.  I always like to drizzle a bit of red vinegar in my shark fin soup.


The lobster was obviously a hit with my Uncle Jack, who insisted on being in the picture with the lobster.  :)  I felt the sauce was too creamy and would have gone nicely with some noodles or something to balance out the sauce.


The abalone and mushrooms were quite tasty.  I always like eating whole abalone and then using the juice afterwards with my noodles, rice, or veggies.  :)


Roasted squab is one of my favourite dishes but I found this squab to be on the greasy side and a little too salty.  For those of you new to squab, it is young pigeon and has a stronger taste than duck.


The yee mein noodles were overcooked and also somewhat oily.  I like my noodles to be slightly al dente and these definitely weren’t.


The lotus leaf flavour came out quite strongly in the lotus leaf-wrapped rice but it was hard to taste the other flavours, even though there were dried scallops and pork.  The rice also seemed to be a bit on the mushy side.


As is customary with Chinese birthdays, we had birthday buns shaped in a peach and filled with lotus paste.


The red bean soup was too sweet and watery for my taste.


I hadn’t eaten dinner at Fisherman’s Terrace in quite a while but I was a bit disappointed with the quality of food.  There was also a wedding going on at the same time, so it was possible that they neglected us a bit in order to tend to the wedding guests, but then I’m just making excuses.  :)  Fisherman’s Terrace is also on the pricier side in terms of Cantonese restaurants so they really have no excuse to be skimping on the quality of their food.  Service was quite brisk and attentive though so I have no complaints there.

3580-4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond
Tel: 604-303-9739

Food: [rating:2]
Service: [rating:4]
Price: $$$

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