Review: Dimming It Up at Spicy Court

by gigi on July 9, 2008

I headed over to Spicy Court one day for some dim sum with Jenkins’ family.  Spicy Court is located diagonally from Oakridge Centre and is pretty close to Jenkins’ family and some of my family members.  As a result, I tend to go there pretty often.  :)  If you order your food and get the bill before 11AM, you can also get 10% off your meal.

We started with sui mai (pork dumplings) as this is one of Jenkins’ favourite dishes.  The sui mai at Spicy Court are quite big and juicy.  I usually break it into four pieces with my chopstick so it’s more manageable.  :)


Jenkins’ family introduced me to this chicken and noodle dish at Spicy Court.  They are a pretty healthy bunch so this dish is right up their alley.  The noodles come in a light broth with shredded chicken and lettuce.  The bowl is fairly large and makes for a good filler dish.  :)


It was the first time I had tried the scallop and spinach rice rolls at Spicy Court and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  The scallops were quite large and plentiful and went very well with the spinach.


Shredded chicken with jellyfish is one of my favourite dim sum items…as mentioned several times before.  I don’t think the one at Spicy Court ranks among the best I’ve had…although that doesn’t stop me from ordering it!


Jenkins always likes steamed bbq pork buns.  There is quite a bit of filling in this version at Spicy Court…which is much better than when all you get is the white bun part.


We also had some steamed bean curd stuffed with pork and bamboo shoots.  Nothing too special about this dish but it was still quite tasty.


Spicy Court seems to be mainly a dim sum place and can get quite busy during lunch time.  Sometimes, it even seems busier earlier in the morning because everyone is scrambling to get their 10% discount before 11AM!  The dim sum is a good price for what you get although the selection can sometimes seem a bit limited.

101-5638 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-325-1189

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $$

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