Shanghai: Zhujiajiao Water Town

by gigi on May 12, 2008

While we were in Shanghai, we had the opportunity to spend part of a day in one of the region’s water towns. Think of Venice…but Chinese-style. :) It was pretty neat to visit Zhujiajiao, which is one of the closer water towns to Shanghai. After a nice gondola ride around the town, we stopped for lunch at a restaurant recommended by our gondolier.


We ordered some stir-fried veggies with bamboo shoots. The veggies were chopped up quite finely but had a nice crunch to it.


The fresh lai mein with preserved vegetables was quite tasty. The preserved veggies were not too salty and went well with the noodles. You had to eat this dish fairly quickly though because the noodles got mushy after sitting in the soup for too long. The preserved veggies seemed to be a specialty in this town as we saw quite a few people making them outside of their houses.


These vegetables were cooked in chicken broth (similar to the first dish). They had quite an interesting texture…similar to grass but still very crunchy.


The deep fried peppery pork was very popular with my brother. Personally, I would have liked it if there was more of a pepper taste but this still went very well with rice.


This chicken soup was one of the best chicken soups I’ve ever had. An entire chicken was used to make this soup. :) Most of the fat was actually skimmed off the top so I didn’t feel too bad about having several bowls of this stuff. :) The soup obviously had a great chicken flavour and the chicken itself was juicy and tender.


We saw a bunch of these braised pork hocks on the street so decided to order some to try for lunch. It came with a lot of sauce, which went very well with rice. I’ve had a version of this dish back in Vancouver but this one was not as sweet as what I was accustomed to.


These rice “tamales” looked better than they tasted. Similar to the pork hocks, we saw a lot of these being sold on the street so we really wanted to try it out. Although the flavour was good, it was not strong enough and I also found the rice to be a bit undercooked.


We also ordered some dumplings at the recommendation of our server. These were filled with vegetables and pork. Taste-wise, there was nothing special about these.


I liked our meal at the water town because it was different from the usual Shanghainese fare we were used to. I also liked trying out the new variety of vegetables, which I’ve never had before. Our entire meal, which fed 5 adults, cost only $40. Not bad, considering we were stuffed full. :)

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:2]

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