Xi’an: Local Restaurant

by gigi on April 24, 2008

No no, the name of the restaurant wasn’t called Local Restaurant. By the time I remembered that I didn’t copy down the name of our last restaurant in Xi’an, we were pulling away from the street on our way to the airport. Here’s a fleeting glance of the restaurant through the window of our car:


Grick, Jenkins, and I went to this restaurant on our last morning in Xi’an before we headed to the airport. My parents weren’t hungry so they didn’t join us and our tour guide recommended this place because it was very popular with the locals and was very close to our hotel. When we entered the restaurant at around 11AM, it was pretty empty but it was packed with people by the time we left (around 12).

It was quite the ordeal for us to order on our own. There was a lot of broken Mandarin, pointing at pictures, and general gesturing. :) We started first with some bean thread noodles with mushrooms and pork. This was quite oily but still very tasty. The noodles had a nice and chewy consistency. When done correctly like this, bean thread noodles are one of my favourite types of noodles.


Next, we had some braised pork. We actually thought from the picture that this would look like the Shanghainese version of this braised pork but it actually tasted quite different. The sauce was slightly tangy and went very well with rice. Even though the pork looked fatty, it was actually a bit on the dry side. The sauce also went very well with rice.


For some reason, our last dish took quite a while to come. It was a very spicy chicken dish that probably would have gone very well with rice. Unfortunately, we ate all our rice with the pork. :) You have to be able to take spicy stuff though because our mouths were burning by the time we were done with this.


This restaurant was definitely one of the better ones we went to in Xi’an as evidenced by the packed tables. And best yet, the total cost for this meal was less than $11 for the three of us. :)

Food: [rating: 3.5]
Service: [rating:2]
Price: $

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