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April 2008

Beijing: Peking Duck

by gigi on April 30, 2008

Of course, when you are in Beijing, you have got to try the Peking Duck.  Having grown up in Vancouver, I was used to the Hong Kong/Cantonese version of this dish but the Beijing version is actually slightly different.  It was originally served to the emperor several hundred years ago and is considered by some […]


Beijing: Golden Harvest

by gigi on April 27, 2008

We arrived in Beijing late in the evening because our flight on Eastern China Airlines was delayed by over two hours. Even though we had originally planned to see a bunch of sites, including the Temple of Heaven, all we had time for was dinner. Golden Harvest is a Szechuan-style restaurant located just outside the […]


Xi’an: Local Restaurant

by gigi on April 24, 2008

No no, the name of the restaurant wasn’t called Local Restaurant. By the time I remembered that I didn’t copy down the name of our last restaurant in Xi’an, we were pulling away from the street on our way to the airport. Here’s a fleeting glance of the restaurant through the window of our car: […]


Xi’an: Horse Street

by gigi on April 21, 2008

Our tour guide took us to Horse Street to do some strolling and shopping. Horse Street is right in the city centre of Xi’an and was recently turned into a pedestrian-only area. Even though we were there on a week day, it was bustling with people and also had a lively row of food stalls. […]

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Xi’an: Hantang Era

by gigi on April 17, 2008

After spending the morning touring the Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi’an, we were off to lunch. Hantang Era turned out to be my favourite restaurant while we were in Xi’an. The inside had a modern design and was busy with several tables that were packed for lunch. We started off with a tomato-based vegetable soup. […]


Xi’an: Islamic Street Food

by gigi on April 16, 2008

One of the interesting things we discovered about Xi’an was that it actually has a fairly large Islamic community. We toured the city’s mosque in the morning, which was right next to the Islamic street market. During the summer months, it is extremely busy but since we were there during low season, it was not […]