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March 2008

Narita: Beard Papa’s

by gigi on March 31, 2008

Since we were flying to China via Japan Airlines, we had a half day stop over in Japan near Narita Airport.  Since we didn’t get to our hotel until late in the afternoon, we only had enough time to shop at a nearby Narita mall.  I would have loved to zip into Tokyo but it […]


Review: Japan Airlines Lunch

by gigi on March 24, 2008

To kick-start Jenkins and my China/Hong Kong adventures, what better place to start than to go over the airplane food we ate on our way there? We flew on Japan Airlines and our travel agent scored us seats on the upper deck. It’s not first class but we were in a smaller area so it […]


Review: Dragonball Tea House

by gigi on March 18, 2008

Note: this is my last post before I tackle my China trip series! I was in the mood for some bubble tea one evening after dinner so Jenkins and I made a quick stop at Dragonball Tea House.  As mentioned before, it is one of my favourite bubble tea places in Vancouver. I opted for […]


Update: We’re back!

by gigi on March 17, 2008

Jenkins and I are back from our China/Hong Kong trip.  During that time, we ate a bunch of different varieties of Chinese food…some good and some not so great.    I’m just getting settled back in but am looking forward to writing about all the places we went to eat! A HUGE thank you to […]


Review: Prima Taste (Re-visit)

by gigi on March 13, 2008

UPDATE Apr 7, 2009: I’m not sure when it happened but Prima Taste has closed down sometime over the winter and in its place is now a sushi restaurant. ———————————————- Jenkins and I were looking for a cheap place to go for dinner one day. Even though it’s not the cheapest place around (although the […]


Review: Matoi Sushi

by Corbi on March 12, 2008

(Hey all, it’s corbi here subbing in while gigi is away. Here’s my first post, hope you all like it!) A couple of us from work headed off to one of our usual haunts the other day, located in the 2nd floor food court of H-Mart on the corner of Robson and Seymour. It always […]