Wedding: Ganache Cake Tasting

by gigi on January 16, 2008

As some of you may know, Jenkins and I are getting married later this year. :) One of the best things about the wedding planning process (or maybe even the best thing!) is cake tasting. Before I started looking into cake tastings, I had no idea that most of them were complimentary and that you had the opportunity to try so many cakes.

The first place Jenkins and I went to was Ganache Patisserie in Yaletown. I first experienced Ganache last year when some friends took me there for some birthday cake. :) I was quite impressed with the variety and quality of dessert there so it was definitely at the top of my list when it came to cake tasting places.

We arrived at Ganache and were greeted by the pastry chef, Peter. He was very friendly and asked us what we had in mind for a wedding cake. I had some ideas which I expressed to him but also said that since Ganache was the first place we were visiting, we really weren’t set on any particular design. After giving us an overview of what we would likely need for the cake and answering our questions, he led us to the counter so we could pick out some cakes to try.

Peter told us that the Chocolat-Banane cake was one of the most popular items so it was definitely something we wanted to try. It was so popular that even my aunt and uncle had Chocolat-Banane from Ganache for their wedding cake! It was layered with dark chocolate mousse, caramelized bananas, and a crunchy layer on the bottom. To jazz things up, there were even gold flecks on top. Yum! This cake was delicious and we could see why this was one of the most popular items. I had to remind myself that there were still three more cakes to go so it probably wasn’t a good idea to polish an entire piece right at the beginning. :)


I can’t remember what this next cake was, but it was a layered cake with white chocolate cheesecake and berries (strawberry or cherry). It had a nice light taste and you could really taste the berries and the white chocolate. I wasn’t sure if I would like this cake because it seemed a bit plain to me, but the combination of the berries, chocolate, and cake went really well together.


Next was the Coco-Mango cheesecake. This cake was also delicious. It was very creamy and you could really taste the mango and toasted coconut in every bite. There’s not much else to say about this but it was very tasty. :) Jenkins wasn’t sure if this would be an odd choice for a wedding cake though.


Finally, we were at the last cake that we picked. This cake was called, if I remember correctly, Chocolat Canneberge. It had chocolate mousse layered with chocolate cake and another layer of cranberries with white chocolate. The mousse had an interesting consistency and the cranberries added a light tang.


Of the four cakes we tasted, I liked the Chocolat-Banane and the Coco-Mango the best. Jenkins thought the Coco-Mango was good but he wasn’t sure if it would make a good wedding cake. I really liked how the cakes at Ganache all tasted very light and was not too rich. Overall, we were very impressed with the cakes at Ganache and with Peter’s friendly demeanor. Ganache is definitely in the running for our wedding cake! :)

1262 Homer St, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 899-1098

Food: [rating: 4.5]
Service: n/a
Price: $$

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