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by gigi on January 14, 2008

Jenkins, his brother, his dad, and I trooped over to Athene’s for lunch one day. His dad was in the mood for some Greek food, we had a coupon for Athene’s, and Athene’s always has great reviews so it was a no brainer. :) If you have an Entertainment Book, there are also coupons in there you can use at Athene’s although you can only use a maximum of two at a time.

His dad picked the barbecued baby lamb. It was roasted in herbs and garlic and had a crispy outer layer. The meat was very tender and aromatic with the herbs. It also came with sides of vegetables, potatoes, and rice. For lunch, this was a great size. I’m not sure if the dinner portions are bigger though.

Jenkins’ brother picked the roasted lamb chops. For $16.95, he got five generous lamb chops that were roasted over a fire. Of all the lamb dishes we had, I think this one was the best as it had a great taste of being roasted over an open flame and the meat was super tender and cooked a nice medium rare.


Jenkins had the chicken souvlakia with potatoes, rice, and salad. The tzatziki sauce went very well with the chicken and gave it a refreshing garlicky taste.


I picked the slow-roasted lamb shoulder. The lamb was very moist and had a nice gravy on top. I didn’t even need to use my knife because it just fell apart as I picked up the pieces with my knife.


Our lunch at Athene’s was quite enjoyable. We got to the restaurant fairly late (around 2pm) so we were the only people there. Despite being the only party there though, the food took quite a while before arriving. For lunch, the portions were a good size although it was a bit expensive. Using the 2-for-1 coupons definitely helped with the bill though. :)

3618 W. Broadway, Vancouver
Tel: 604-731-4135

Food: [rating: 3.5]
Service: [rating: 2.5]
Price: $$

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