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by gigi on December 16, 2007

It was our last day in LA and although we initially planned to make a repeat visit to Taiko, we decided on Chinese food instead. NTR, UK, and I headed over to S.W. Seafood & BBQ in Irvine for a late lunch. Incidentally, it happens to be located in the plaza across the street from Taiko.

sw seafood & bbq

We ordered a sampling of five dishes but first, we had some soup, which came with our orders. It was a pretty basic soup with tofu, egg, veggies, and mushrooms.

sw seafood & bbq

NTR ordered all of our items and asked for less MSG and oil. I was constantly thirsty during my trip so the call for less MSG worked out well for me. :) First came one of NTR’s favourite, the egg foo yung with scallops instead of shrimp. This was probably my favourite item here. The scallops were cooked just right and the eggs were creamy and had just enough salt. It went great with rice.

sw seafood & bbq

We were a bit lacking on the veggie content this weekend, so ordered some peas and broccoli with shrimp. The vegetables were nice and crunchy…as were the shrimp. :) It was a light dish but everything was quite fresh.

sw seafood & bbq

We also had some stir-fried white fish with mushrooms, carrots, and Chinese vegetables. There wasn’t anything too special with this but it was still quite tasty. The pieces of fish were quite large as you can see by the picture below.

sw seafood & bbq,

The pan-fried noodles with chicken and veggies were also quite good. The noodles were crispy but not oily at all and the chicken with veggie mix made the noodles just soft enough. :)

sw seafood & bbq,

Lastly came our indulgence for the afternoon. The deep fried squid with jalapenos and garlic was so yummy. I especially liked this because there was not too much batter and it was actually pretty light. The hint of spiciness from the squid was just enough and the squid went great with rice.

sw seafood & bbq,

The dishes here were not overly large but was a great deal at $6.95 each. Believe it or not but even though we ordered so much, we polished off almost all the food we ordered! Even though we had asked for less MSG, I could still taste it in some of the dishes though and I was still quite thirsty even though I drank several cups of tea. Overall though, I was quite impressed with this place and enjoyed the food quite a bit.

5406-A Walnut Ave, Irvine, CA
Tel: 949-262-0128

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $

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