Review: Prima Taste

by gigi on November 29, 2007

UPDATE Apr 7, 2009: I’m not sure when it happened but Prima Taste has closed down sometime over the winter and in its place is now a sushi restaurant.

———————————————-Jenkins and I dropped by to Prima Taste (570 Robson St) in downtown one Friday for dinner. This placed opened a couple of years ago and service a mix of Singaporean/Malaysian cuisine. If you have an Entertainment Book, you can also use one of the coupons here. :)

We decided to start with the roti canai, which is a pan-fried Malaysian-style pancake. It is served with a side of curry sauce, which you can pour over the roti. I found the roti to be a bit oily this time around and there also wasn’t enough curry sauce.

prima taste

For our main course items, we shared a couple of dishes. First, came the Malaysian chicken curry. This was served in a clay pot and came with a lot of potatoes (my favourite!). The curry was slightly spicy and the chicken and potatoes were very tender.

prima taste

We ordered some rice to go with the curry and the two were great together. Check out the size of the potatoes below! They were well cooked and infused with tons of curry flavour but not crumbly or too mushy.

prima taste

We also decided to try the Chin Kiang pork, which was described as wok-fried pork with Chin Kiang vinegar. I had no idea this was actually deep fried but the pork strips were quite crispy. The vinegar sauce made the whole thing taste like sweet and sour pork. Because there was so much sticky vinegar sauce, it is a must to eat this with rice.

prima taste

Dinner was pretty good, although I probably wouldn’t order the Chin Kiang pork again. Sweet and sour pork just isn’t my thing although they did try to make jazz it up somewhat. :)

570 Robson St, Vancouver
Tel: 604-685-7881

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $$

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