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by gigi on November 27, 2007

Dustin, Miguel, John, and I met up at i-Cafe at 2525 Heather St in Vancouver one day for dinner. It is one of Vancouver’s many Hong Kong-style cafes and is located in a fairly central area. I like coming here because the food is quite tasty and it is one of the closest HK-style cafes near downtown.

Miguel and Dustin decided to try the fresh kiwi juice. It looked pretty interesting and both Miguel and Dustin said it was very tasty. I will have to try this out the next time I’m here.


John went for the fresh orange juice. I’m not sure if it was because it was freshly squeezed, but it was very aromatic.


I chose the hot lemon tea. The tea is quite strong so the lemon really helps to offset the potency. It also comes unsweetened so I am able to add as much sugar as I please…which is not much. :)


My favourite item to order here is the spaghetti with meat sauce and a fried egg. The meat sauce is slightly sweet, which I like and feel that it goes well with the spaghetti. The fried egg is something that I’m not used to having with spaghetti, but for some reason, it works for me. :) I felt that there was too much garlic in the meat sauce this time around though.


Miguel, Dustin, and John all ordered set dinners for their meals so they had soup included with their main dishes. John’s minestrone soup was full of tomatoes and he enjoyed it quite a bit. Both Dustin and Miguel had a cream soup with carrots, peas, and tuna. They were pleasantly surprised by the taste. :)


John chose the chicken cutlet with garlic sauce, spaghetti, and mixed vegetables. Although it was supposed to be a garlic sauce, it had a slight tomato flavour.


Dustin’s dish was the same as John’s except he had pork chops. :)


Miguel had beef tenderloin with a mushroom sauce and spaghetti. He is pretty picky about his beef but he enjoyed this dish quite a bit. :)


Among HK-style cafes, I think i-Cafe is one of the better ones around. The environment is comfortable and relatively clean, which is always a plus. There is also a large variety of dishes to choose from (as is often the case with HK-style cafes) and I have enjoyed most of the dishes I have tried.

2525 Heather St, Vancouver
Tel: 604-630-0238

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $

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