Review: Harbour Pacific Chinese Seafood Restaurant

by gigi on October 8, 2007

It certainly seems like I am going for dim sum a lot lately! :) Actually, Chris and I were going to go to Vita Bella on E. Hastings & Willingdon for lunch the other day. But when we got there, we found out that it is always closed for lunch. We were starting to run short on time so decided to try one of the restaurants nearby and ended up at Harbour Pacific Chinese Restaurant (4524 E. Hastings). It looked busy enough so we figured it should be safe.

harbour pacific chinese seafood restaurant

Inside was a bunch of eclectic furniture and we were seated by the window. This was an old school dim sum place so the dishes were passed around on carts or on hand-held trays.

We started with the chicken feet. This was actually not bad, but then again, it is pretty hard to mess this up when all you have to do is stew the feet in some sauce.

Next came the sui mai (pork dumplings). There was very little shrimp in this and the dumplings themselves were a bit mushy.

harbour pacific chinese seafood restaurant

Next came some crab and pea sprout dumplings. This sounded interesting…but sounded way better than it tasted. There was not very much flavour and I found both the crab and pea sprouts to be overcooked.

harbour pacific chinese seafood restaurant

We spied some egg tarts and although we had only started eating, we decided it was never too early for dessert. :) This was the best item we had so far. The pastry was flaky and the egg custard was nice and creamy.

harbour pacific chinese seafood restaurant

Chris likes turnip cakes so we decided to get a dish. I like my turnip cakes with more “stuff” in it (i.e. Chinese sausages, dried shrimp, etc) but Chris found it to be quite tasty.

harbour pacific chinese seafood restaurant

We also custom ordered some rice rolls with BBQ pork. This was fresh from the kitchen so it was nice and hot. However, the rolls were a bit overcooked and were a bit on the mushy side.

harbour pacific chinese seafood restaurant

We also custom ordered some har gow. Like I always say, dim sum isn’t complete without this staple. :) I found the skin to be a bit mushy (seems to be the theme here!) but the shrimp inside was ok.

harbour pacific chinese seafood restaurant

I doubt I will be coming back here again but it could have been worse and I was in an adventurous mood that day. :) To be fair, the service was excellent and much better than I expected. Our tea was regularly refilled and our plates and dishes were cleaned up quickly. The servers were also friendly and although they encouraged you to eat more dishes, they were not too pushy. The bill for the two of us worked out to be $18.75 after tax.

4524 E Hastings St, Burnaby
Tel: 604-294-8059

Food: [rating:2]
Service: [rating:3.5]
Price: $

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