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September 2007

Review: Congee Noodle King

by gigi on September 30, 2007

I reviewed Congee Noodle King back in July, but this time, I will actually talk about congee. It is located at the corner of Kingsway and Joyce St and serves mostly…surprise! congee and noodles. They also have a variety of fried rice and Chinese BBQ items. Both Victoria and I ordered congee. It was a […]


Review: Kingford Seafood Restaurant

by gigi on September 26, 2007

It was late afternoon on a sunny weekend and Jenkins and I were wandering down No. 3 Road in Richmond looking for a place to eat at for lunch. I was pretty hungry so wanted to go to a place where the wait was short or non-existent. We decided to stop in at Kingford Seafood […]


Review: Bubble World

by gigi on September 25, 2007

It was Friday afternoon again and Louis, John, and I headed over to Bubble World on Kingsway to wind down after a busy week at work. As I’ve mentioned before, Bubble World is not one of my favourite bubble tea houses due to its tiered pricing but it is close to my work so it […]


Review: Pho Century

by gigi on September 24, 2007

It’s been a while since Connie and I met up for lunch…so we decided to do so last week over some pho. We went to Pho Century, which is located in the mall at the corner of Willingdon Ave and Kingsway…the one with the IGA and Shopper’s Drug Mart. The pho is not bad and […]


Review: Joey’s

by gigi on September 23, 2007

After our dinner at Memphis Blues BBQ House the other day, Pick, Grick, and I headed over to Joey’s across the street for some dessert. In hindsight, I’m not sure why seeing that we were all stuffed from dinner…but it was fun nonetheless. Pick and I both decided to get some tea to go with […]


Review: Memphis Blues

by gigi on September 19, 2007

Pick and I took Grick out for dinner last week for his birthday. Since I was going for dinner with two guys, what better place to go to than Memphis Blues BBQ House? Although the Memphis Blues restaurants have been in Vancouver for a while, I have never been here previously. It was time to […]