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by gigi on August 16, 2007

John, Louis, Chris, and I went to the Bubble World on Kingsway & Wilson the other day. It was after work and a nice way to wind down. Although it is Bubble World, none of us ordered bubbles along with our drinks. :) Bubble World offers a take-0ut menu along with its eat-in service with the take-out being about $0.50-0.75 cheaper in general.

I settled on the passion fruit green tea. This was one of my favourite tea house drinks for a while because I find the tangy passion fruit flavour blends really well with the green tea.

bubble world

Chris had the pomegranate green tea. Although the pomegranate taste was not very strong, the drink itself was a nice shade of red.

bubble world

John wasn’t feeling well so he went with the hot drink option for his honey lemon green tea. He said that you can taste the honey flavour more than in a cold drink and found that it was perfect for his throat, which was still a bit sore.

bubble world

Louis decided to go with the taro slush drink. If anything, this was a refreshing drink to have on a hot, sunny day. At $4.50, it was also the most expensive of our three drinks.

bubble world

In general, I don’t like Bubble World because they charge more for in-restaurant drinks than take-out drinks. At the same time, the in-restaurant drinks are quite a bit smaller than the drinks you get when you do take-out. To me, this just does not make sense! However, as it is so close to where I work, it is the de facto bubble tea place we go to on most weekdays.

4300 Kingsway, Burnaby
Tel: 604-434-5551

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:2]
Price: $

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